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The 70th Anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution

Nov 29, 2017

Today is the 70th anniversary of the passage of the Palestinian Resolution at the United Nations in 1947. Today marks a very important transition, one of many 70-year cycles since the 1940’s. However, keep in mind that the Israeli state did not declare its independence until May 14, 1948, so we ought to expect some sort of transition from now until May 14, 2018.

It is too soon to say what that transition will involve. It may have a direct connection with the Israeli state, or it may be more subtle and manifest in a way that is related, but not fully evident.

Babylon and Esau-Edom

In the long term, we must also consider a longer transition of six years to 2023-2024. Why? Because as I showed in Secrets of Time, the Israeli state was established on Cursed Time after 8 x 414 years, and this may require 76 years thereafter to reach Blessed Time (414 plus 76 is 490).

Recall that this long-term time cycle began with Israel’s first captivity to the king of Mesopotamia in Judges 3:8. Mesopotamia is the old name for Babylon, as it means “the land between two rivers” (Tigris and Euphrates). This first captivity of 8 years was a prophetic type of 8 cycles of 414 years in a much longer captivity to Babylon.

2 x 414 years after this first captivity ended with the fall of Babylon in 537 B.C. Six more cycles of 414 years ended in 1947-1948. This entire time cycle is tied to Babylon, and we are now approaching the end of it. In 1948 the Church (or “Jacob”) gave the birthright back to Esau in order to fulfill Isaac’s prophetic judgment upon Jacob for taking the birthright from him in an unlawful manner (Genesis 27:40 KJV). Isaac stated there that at some point in history “the dominion” (mandate) would go back to Esau. It was so that Esau could prove himself unworthy as a rebellious son, so that he could be disinherited in a lawful manner.

That is what happened in 1947-1948. The descendants of Esau-Edom were represented in world Jewry since the Edomites (“Idumeans”) had been conquered and forced to convert to Judaism in 125-126 B.C. Since then Edom has not been a nation separate from Jewry. Jewry has thus had to fulfill a dual set of prophecies.

In 1947-1948 the birthright was given back to Esau, because the remnant of Judah that was under the iron yoke of captivity (since 70 A.D.) had not fulfilled the terms in the Law of Tribulation (Leviticus 26) that would allow them to return to the old land. Those terms are clearly spelled out in Leviticus 26:40. 41, 42, 43, showing that they must first acknowledge their hostility toward Yahweh-Yeshua before God would turn their captivity.

40 If they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their forefathers, in their unfaithfulness which they committed against Me, and also in their acting with hostility against Me41 I also was acting with hostility against them, to bring them into the land of their enemies— or if their uncircumcised heart becomes humbled so that they then make amends for their iniquity, 42 then I will remember My covenant with Jacob, and I will remember also My covenant with Isaac, and My covenant with Abraham as well, and I will remember the land. 43 For the land shall be abandoned by them, and shall make up for its sabbaths, while it is made desolate without them…

The law specifically mentions the condition of “their uncircumcised heart,” which is how Paul described them in Romans 2:28, 29. Repentance is necessary, then, before God remembers His covenant. The hearts of the people must be circumcised, because, as Paul says, outward circumcision of the flesh is praised by men and not by God. Judah means “praise,” and so Paul implies that one’s identity as a Judahite (“Jew”) hinges on heart circumcision, which receives “praise” (or recognition) from God.

The terms of restoration from captivity were understood by the church until the 20th century, when many Christians finally abandoned that view. Up until that time, the mainstream view was that the Jews would repent in 1948 and that this would begin “The Great Tribulation” for the next few years. War broke out for a couple of years, which seemed to prove the view. Of course, the war with the Arab states ended without any sign of mass Jewish conversion.

The church did not understand the prophecies of Esau, nor did they consider how Esau’s descendants had been incorporated into the nation of Judah in 125-126 B.C. Hence, they did not understand what was happening in 1948. They assumed that the Jews were chosen. They did not understand the history of the birthright and the dominion mandate. They did not understand Jacob’s offence when he lied to his father to steal the dominion mandate from Esau. They did not realize that the holiness of God could not forget that offence—and that Jacob’s sin would have to be dealt with at some point in history.

So in 1948 God caused Jacob (“Union Jack”) to give the land to the descendants of Esau-Edom in order to allow Esau time to prove himself unworthy of the birthright. He timed this event to coincide with the end of 8 cycles of 414 years from Judges 3:8 and also 6 cycles of 414 years since the fall of Babylon in Daniel 5:31.

In other words, 1947-1948 was the first potential time when Babylon might have fallen. But more prophecy yet had to be fulfilled in regard to Esau before the Kingdom could be established. We read in the Book of Jasher that Esau killed Nimrod (the king of Babylon), while he was on a hunting expedition, and then took his garments which represented his supposed right to rule the earth. Jasher says that these were the garments that God had given Adam. They had been passed down to Noah, but Ham and Canaan stole those garments in Genesis 9:22. Canaan passed them down to his son, Cush, and Cush gave them to his son, Nimrod. Nimrod used the garments to “prove” that he had been given the divine right to rule, and by this he conquered men.

Esau took those garments for himself, and then he had to flee for his life from Nimrod’s bodyguards. He arrived home exhausted and hungry, selling his birthright to Jacob for some food. Jacob did not show love to his brother, for he should have fed him free of charge in order to fulfill the law of God. Instead, he engaged in “price-gouging,” a practice that may seem smart and ethical to the world, but which is unlawful in the sight of God.

As I said, Babylon might have fallen in 1947-1948. Instead, Esau “killed” Nimrod and usurped his spiritual garments, fulfilling the historical type of what had occurred thousands of years ago. In other words, the Israeli state fulfills the prophetic type of when Esau put on the garments that had been stolen from Noah and which were usurped by Nimrod, who established Babylon to rule the earth apart from God and His laws. The Jewish state, then, is uniquely tied to modern Mystery Babylon as a rival to the genuine Kingdom of God. That is why the Jews did not repent, nor they receive heart circumcision in 1947-1948 as the church had expected.

The Sign of Babylon’s Monetary Replacement

In a sense, this 70-year cycle is another Babylonian captivity, or an extension of it. Today is the first important time marker, dating from 1947, which could be the beginning of the end of the modern captivity. Time will tell, of course, but we ought to expect some sign today or tomorrow that would point toward the fall of Babylon.

That sign has indeed occurred, for Babylon’s life blood is money. I have been watching for signs of the fall of the dollar, and more recently I came to see that the money issued and owned by the central banks of the world is being replaced by a new form of money called cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin. Bitcoin was established in January 2009, a few months before the Elisha signs began.

Bitcoin started out at a value of a fraction of a cent. Yesterday it hit $10,000, and today it raced past $11,000. No doubt it will backtrack a bit, as investors take their profits. Nonetheless, the timing of this extraordinary event tells me that the cryptocurrencies are fast replacing the established currencies.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, not owned by the Federal Reserve Bank. Unlike Babylonian currencies such as the US dollar, Bitcoin is not a debt note. Hence, the Babylonian banks hate it, because it undermines their money tree. But more and more people and businesses are now accepting various cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services, having faith in their increasing value even while they lose faith in the decreasing value of the Babylonian currencies.

As of now, the market cap (total value) of the cryptocurrencies is well over $300 billion, as people exchange their Babylonian debt-notes for a new form of debt-free money. This will only increase over time, and since this latest explosion of Bitcoin occurred on November 29, 2017, I suspect that the next date to watch will be May 14, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Israeli state. During the next 6 months, I will be watching Bitcoin and all of the cryptocurrencies, because it appears that they are major signs of the drying up of Babylon’s money tree that was planted by the Rothschilds in their attempt to usurp world power.

Reaching Blessed Time

Our overall goal is to get past Cursed Time (414) and to reach Blessed Time (490). A cycle of Cursed Time (414 days or years) either results in divine judgment or another cycle of 76 days or years to reach Blessed Time (490). 414 plus 76 equals 490. (See Secrets of Time.)

We have seen many examples in biblical and secular history how Cursed Time cycles end. Most end in divine judgment, because the people or nations fail to repent. But we are now in a time where the Kingdom of God is being established on the ruins of Babylon. Hence, we ought to expect to see the effects of Blessed Time in the midst of this chaos.

The year 1947-1948 was the end of the final 414-year cycle since that first Babylonian captivity in Judges 3:8. So that is not only the start of a 70-year cycle in regard to Esau, but it is also the start of a 76-year cycle toward Blessed Time, ending in 2023-2024.

The overlapping of 70 and 76-year cycles has precedent. Recall that we saw the so-called “Russian Revolution” in November 1917. It was really a Jewish revolution in Russia, for most of the leaders of that revolution were Khazar-Jewish. Their Socialist ideology was from Karl Marx, the son of a Jewish rabbi. His real name was Karl Heinrich Mordecai Levy.

The Soviet Union’s first 256 commissars were shipped there from the Lower East Side of New York City, all but two of them being Jews. This was investigated in 1919 by Senator Overman, whose “Overman Report” are in the government records. I read the testimony in these hearings in my earlier days as a student of history. The bottom line is that Socialism is the ideology of modern Babylon.

Getting back to our main point, however, November 1917 was the start of the “Russian Revolution.” It began a 70-year captivity until Soviet president Gorbachev brought it to an end in a 70th anniversary speech in 1987, when he capitulated. This speech marked the start of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 and the reestablishment of the Russian Republic.

But 1917 was also the date of the Balfour Declaration and (a few weeks later) General Allenby’s capture of Jerusalem toward the end of World War 1. So 76 years later brought us to 1993, which coincided with the 40th Jubilee of the church (since 33 A.D.). 40 x 49 is 1,960 years, which, from 33 A.D. bring us to 1993.

This showed an overlap between the 70-year captivity and the 76-year cycle. Hence, in 1987 we saw a sign of the end of captivity and the collapse of a major Babylonian-ruled nation, followed by a sign of Jubilee and Blessed Time in 1993.

This is probably what we will see again from 2017/2018 to 2023/2024.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the Kingdom during this time, of course, or for as long as God allows.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones