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Regarding New Search Bar

Nov 02, 2017

We have replaced all search on the site with a new search bar using DuckDuckGo. We chose this because it is a search tool that does not have any ads on the results, it does not track your searches, and your searches are private and anonymous. Using this new option will also display search results from the GKM Store, which the old search did not.

This new search bar will take you off of GKM and onto DuckDuckGo's site to view the search results, but the results will only consist of content on this site, and when you click a result you will be brought back to GKM.

We received a few messages from people regarding the old search solution, and its inadequacy as a search solution for a site of this size. As you all know, this site is enormous with it's many thousands of pages, and tons of content within those pages. For this reason we have been looking for a better search solution that would return more accurate results, better ranking of results, and also include features such as fuzzy logic. We chose this search solution from DuckDuckGo because of the reasons above, and while it is a step in the right direciton, it is still not the end-goal that we're looking for. The tests that we have done with this search have yielded very accurate results so far, and we hope it will be the same for you, allowing you to more easily find results that you are searching for.

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