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Navy scandal and Fat Leonard

Nov 27, 2017

A few days ago, while I was flying home from Asia, this report was posted on the Navy corruption scandal. A reader just made me aware of it. It appears that this scandal is real and not just fake news.


SAN DIEGO (Tribune News Service) — More than four years ago in a San Diego hotel, federal investigators arrested Leonard Glenn "Fat Leonard" Francis in what was the opening step in a fraud and bribery scandal that continues to resonate through the Navy.

Francis soon pleaded guilty to a decade-long scheme in which he bribed Navy officers and officials and enlisted their help in defrauding the government out of at least $35 million for his ship servicing company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

While the Fat Leonard scandal has torn through the Navy, upending careers of nearly two dozen current and former Navy officers and officials who have pleaded guilty and hundreds more who are under scrutiny, a second case alleging extensive fraud in ship servicing by a different company has cut a far narrower profile….

Here is another article from two weeks ago. It seems that 60 admirals and hundreds of others are implicated in this scandal.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones