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Marking the end of an era and a new beginning

Oct 09, 2017

The Las Vegas shooting on October 2, 2017 involved more than one shooter in the Mandalay Bay Hotel itself, but there was also at least one other who was shooting into the front door of at the nearby Bellagio Hotel in an attempt to sacrifice more people. This was a fairly large operation, designed to kill thousands. Fortunately, the local law enforcement agencies were able to stop the carnage.

Here is a short U-tube video that someone in the Bellagio Hotel took with her cell phone, which confirmed that the mainstream news reports were wrong. In other words, the shooting was not confined to the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


Here is an interesting 15-minute analysis, where he believes this was a human sacrifice in front of an Egyptian temple (Luxor Hotel/Sphinx).


In the first week of July, when I first heard the word of the Lord instruct us to hold a prayer campaign “for protection,” the word was to hold the prayer campaign on August 23. This was the day that Hurricane Harvey formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Things have been chaotic ever since.

I also warned that we were entering a time of “chaos.” The hurricanes provided much of that chaos, and then the Las Vegas massacre provided more of it. I do not think this is done yet. As Babylon falls, there will be more chaos, although I believe that God will reduce it greatly for the sake of His elect.

The Alternative Target

Last month as I began to focus more on understanding the sign in the heavens (September 23), it became clear that Revelation 12 was being revealed. The woman clothed with the sun was bringing forth the “manchild,” which in this context, was not Jesus Christ Himself, but rather His body. The purpose of this “birthing” was to launch the Open Door Ministry, which I have said in the past, was synonymous with the second work of Christ. It is the work of preaching the word with boldness (Acts 4:31).

To do that work requires the body of Christ, which was foretold by the story of Jonah in his second call to preach the word to Nineveh.

In Revelation1 12:12, 13, after the Red Dragon was unable to devour the manchild as soon as he was born, he was cast out of heaven. Then he sought a secondary target on the earth. We have seen over the years that when the enemy is unable to kill his primary target, he looks for secondary targets.

We had prayed protection upon God’s people on August 23, and I knew that this prayer campaign also applied to the manchild being threatened on September 23. I was not concerned for us, for we are protected. But I was concerned for others who were more vulnerable. The Las Vegas massacre was that secondary target.

I suspect that in the long term, we are looking at a 7-year period of great changes. This 7-year cycle is suggested by the two solar eclipses that will occur 7 years apart. The first occurred on August 21, 2017, which plunged seven “Salems” into darkness across America. The second will occur on April 8, 2024, crossing the path of the first eclipse in southern Illinois.

The Victory Celebration

But right now we are looking at more immediate events. Last Saturday, October 7, 2017, was the 11th anniversary since the day that we poured out the 7th bowl of wine in Babylon, NY. That work began at Tabernacles of 2000 and ended on the Day of Atonement, October 7, 2006.

So last Saturday, we held an all-afternoon celebration here, a praise and worship celebration at a park in Anoka, MN. It was to mark the end of the Nehemiah Project that we have been doing for the past year, taking and securing the gates around Anoka. John Schaenzer spoke about this at our Passover conference last May. We were securing one gate per month, and we were meeting every Tuesday evening for prayer and praise throughout the past year. The last gate was secured on September 28, 2017, and so John scheduled the celebration in Anoka on October 7.

Little Earth

Meanwhile, another long project ended on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. For the past year I had been led to attend Wednesday night meetings in Minneapolis, led by Sean Morrissey. Every other Wednesday night we have been going to the Little Earth community just east of the downtown area, setting up food tables to feed the poor and to pray/secure the 12 gates around that community.

The Little Earth community was originally a camp of Native Americans. It is one of many sad stories of death and mistreatment from the 1800’s. Even today it is full of drugs, gangs, prostitution, and other vices. Many children eat only sporadically, as their parents are on drugs or worse.

Little Earth is a microcosm of the Big Earth, and it portrays the earth in bondage to sin and corruption. The people do not know how to be free and cannot set themselves free. We were doing the work at Little Earth, but really, we were interceding for the Big Earth.

The point is that we finished this 24-week project on September 27, 2017 as well. Since it too was a “gate” project, it was the first cousin to the Nehemiah Project being done at the same time in Anoka.

Abortion Clinics Project

Meanwhile, in Nebraska, Mike and Kathy were finishing up another project dealing with abortion clinics and the daily sacrifices of babies to Molech. This project focused upon Nebraska and South Dakota, and they finished at noon, October 7, 2017, just as the celebration in Anoka was starting. (It went from noon to 6 pm.)

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First Corinthians Weblog Project

I have seen over the years that the timing of my weblogs has often been significant. God has done this to show me that I did not finish early or late. This time I finished my study on First Corinthians just before noon on Saturday, October 7. I was hoping to finish by the feast of Tabernacles, but I had no idea just when this would happen. I thought it was significant that I finished just before the big celebration in Anoka.

I do not plan to begin the study of Second Corinthians until I get back from Cambodia in late November. Whatever weblogs I do in the interim will probably deal with current events and insights or discernment about what God is doing or is about to do in the earth.

Open Door Ministry

October 7, 2017, during the feast of Tabernacles, marked the end of many prayer projects in preparation for the coming conference in Cloquet, MN this week end. This week end will mark the formal start (declaration) of the Open Door Ministry before Brad and I go to the Philippines (October 24), and then to Cambodia (November 11). We will be teaching and praying to cleanse the land of innocent blood in order to lay claim to the land for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We plan to return on November 23 (Thanksgiving Day).

This morning, as I was praying and pondering the expenses for the coming conference, I received a telephone call from a truck driver from Denver, who had just returned home from delivering a load in Cloquet, MN early last Saturday morning (October 7). He was unaware that we had held a victory celebration that day, but he had to tell me that he was led to dedicate Cloquet as “Holy Ground.”

God then spoke to him and told him that He would provide for all that was needed, food, clothing, etc. He knew that this applied to all of God’s people who would be involved in the second work of Christ.

After the load was delivered, about 3:00 a.m. he asked a grumpy old man where there might be a good Mexican restaurant. He was sent to Hermantown, the suburb just above Duluth, not far from Cloquet. Hermantown is where we assigned an angel to replace one of the Nephilim recently, because the Nephilim in Genesis 6:4 had gotten their start on Mount Herman, north of the Sea of Galilee.

The grumpy old man then gave my friend $20 to buy him a meal. The trucker protested, saying he had money, but the old man insisted. He even dropped the $20 bill on the ground and said, “Either you take it or someone else will.” It was a sign of God’s provision, coming from an unexpected source, a man he had never met before. So he was led to call me this morning. I knew that this was a word directly to me as well.

Boldness and Clarity

After the Anoka victory celebration, I went to a house meeting, where I had been asked to teach about the feast of Tabernacles. After teaching for about an hour, another man (with an evangelistic calling) shared some of his experiences. His name was Bobby. Afterward, he was led to pray for us to receive a spirit of boldness in sharing the word.

I also talked to another lady at the meeting whose name was Claranne (pronounced Clarin). It occurred to me that God was speaking to me about teaching the word with clarity. I realized that God was speaking to me about the second work of Christ, where the word was to be spoken with boldness and with clarity.

Claranne also had a word that we were anoint our tongues with frankincense. She did not know why, but I knew immediately. So we did this, and Bobby prayed powerfully that we would receive the spirit of boldness.

I thought this was a fitting way to end the day that marked the end of an era and a new beginning.

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