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When you see this, it has begun

Sep 01, 2017

Eight years ago, on August 30 2009, Bill Nelson had a prophetic dream in which he saw great destruction in Houston TX, which he describes as follows:

Dream: Aug. 30, 2009 – Houston Ship Channel Disaster

I was on a cruise ship in the Houston Ship Channel. I looked out over the water and saw massive amounts of debris coming into the waterway. I saw pieces of rooftops, houses, and all manner of trash floating in the water. It was the leading edge of incredible amounts of fragments of what used to be homes and businesses. I didn’t understand where all this debris could possibly be coming from or what could cause such a mega-disaster. The cruise ship certainly would not escape being trapped in the rubble, the debris was so thick, I knew I could walk on top of it all the way back to Houston.

I heard a His voice say, When you see this it has begun.”

I looked forward towards the bow of the cruise ship and saw two tanker ships directly in front of us, a couple of hundred yards ahead of our ship, sailing side by side, cutting a path through the thick debris field for us. The tankers were stoutly built and could withstand the beating from all the trash in the water. As the tankers cut through the rubble, they left a clear watery path, making smooth sailing for us, even in the middle of this catastrophe. We had no choice but to follow them to get back to port.

When we got near the dock I simply opened the two side doors of the ship, waited for the dock hands to secure the ship and stepped safely down onto the dock. It was such relief to be safe back in port.


He then wrote further:

I have so many questions about this dream. What kind of disaster could possibly cause such a massive amount of destruction? Perhaps a strong hurricane, massive rain storms causing destructive floods, a mega-tornado, tsunami generated by an earthquake off shore or maybe a meteorite crashing into the sea? When will this occur soon or some years later? Will there be more warnings? Would anyone listen if God did warn us again? Will there be a reprieve from God if we turn now?....

Update: Dream Journal: 9/15/09

Houston Storm

Vision: When I asked the Lord as to how something like this could occur I was shown a vision. In the vision I was observing from a high altitude I saw the Houston, Galveston coastline below. A very weak unnamed storm was brewing just off shore. The TV weather reported said, “This storm is nothing to worry about whatsoever.” Then suddenly intensified and became a very large black storm line no one had ever seen. [note: Harvey grew from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane in just 2 days.] The storm moved inland in a large black mass and engulfed the city of Houston and surrounding area. Soon afterwards the storm withdrew it drug back a massive amount of debris as it returned to sea. It caught millions off guard and there must have been a great loss of life and property. Then I saw a calendar with the month September and the year 09. Then a hand appeared and marked a line through the 09. End of vision.

So I believe this to mean the judgment won’t take place until at least next year. Just pay attention to the weather reports and listen for His wisdom in these matters and you’ll be safe.


It appears from this that Hurricane Harvey signals the beginning of divine judgment upon America, for the purpose of turning the hearts of the people back to Him. Back in 2001, when the Twin Towers were demolished, we understood that this was the first warning of judgment, or a “harbinger,” as Jonathan Cahn put it.

In 2001 people flocked to church, as they often do in times of disaster, and politicians sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps. But then everyone settled back into their usual routine and Congress passed the Patriot Act, which only made things worse. If anyone repented at that time, there is little evidence of it today.

Hence, the harbinger of greater judgment yet to come appears to be here now.

Nonetheless, we view this not as a bad thing, though there is temporary pain and suffering. We see it as God’s way of bringing about repentance and restoration. So the theme of our conference next month in Cloquet, MN is the Elijah/Elisha mission of turning the hearts of the children back to their heavenly Father.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones