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Trying to contact some wonderful people

Sep 26, 2017

I received the email below from someone who was quite impressed with someone who is apparently associated with us. I don’t know who it was, but the person wants to stay in contact. I have the contact information, so if you are the one who the person is searching for, let me know. I have the contact information.

Here is the email:

Praise The Lord!

To whomever this e-mail may reach, I am searching for some wonderful parents we met while moving our daughter into college on Friday, August 25, 2017 in Oswego, New York.

We thought we would meet later that day but we had not exchanged information before we all were hurriedly rushed to our various dorms.

The gentleman was wearing a shirt with God's Kingdom Ministries and perhaps you are the organization he and his family belong.  I pray we locate these wonderful persons again, he and his wife, so we can connect as spiritual partners if they so desire. 

They had mentioned they were about 4 hours from Oswego and I cannot remember the city but it was perhaps a city beginning with the letter "C" (I am not sure) but with today's technology perhaps they can be found.

The students mother had recognized my "Blessed Oil" in my bag and we had began talking about how our students needed God more than ever in the turmoil we are living in today. 

If you know the God's Kingdom Ministry they are affiliated with, I thank you for passing along this information.  My name and contact are below.

 God continue to Bless you and your ministries


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