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Hurricane Irma

Sep 05, 2017

On Monday, Hurricane Irma became a Category 4 hurricane, and today it increased to a Category 5 hurricane as it passed 157 mph winds (sustained). As I write, it is reported to have 175 mph winds, heading toward a possible breakthrough into the Super Hurricane status beyond 185 mph winds.

This is indeed a dangerous hurricane. Whereas Hurricane Harvey was dangerous mostly on account of the huge rain that it brought, Hurricane Irma is dangerous on account of its wind speed. In fact, it is already the most intense Atlantic storm ever recorded. If it should hit the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it would be an unprecedented disaster.

Weather models are uncertain as to its final path. Which side of Florida will it go? That is the main question. Right now it is beginning to hit the Windward Islands that form the boundary of the Caribbean Sea. Its projected path takes it over Puerto Rico, Hispanola, and Cuba before getting to Florida.

Irma is of prophetic interest to us, because the name is a feminine form of the Old High German name, Irmin (“world, universal, whole, complete”) and related to Erman (“strong”).


This is in turn the root of Herman. It seems that we are back to the Herman and Hermantown revelation again. The Wikipedia speaks of the name Arminius as being a derivative of the same name, ermen:

The name of Arminius is in fact from a stem ermen- "strong". Conflation of this element with the name Herman may indeed date to the medieval period, via variant forms such as Ermin, Ermen, Erman, Ermanno, feminine Ermina, Ermana, Hirmina, Hermena.


So essentially, Hurricane Irma can be seen as a transgender version of Herman, or Herman disguised and dressed as a woman. We dealt with the Nephilim behind Herman the German in New Ulm back on August 9, 2017.


So now Hurricane Irma is posing a threat. What shall we do about it? That is the question that we prayed about and discussed yesterday.

The protection prayer that we prayed on August 23 covered God’s people who were being affected when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas a few days later. The same prayer covers those who may be affected by Hurricane Irma. In past years, going back a few decades, I have been involved in many spiritual battles and times of intercession for America, the world, the church, and the overcomers. I have quite a bit of experience in opposing hurricanes, such as in 1989 and again in 1997. I wrote about these experiences in my book, The Wars of the Lord.

Those dangerous times were caused by lawlessness in America—America’s refusal to acknowledge the sovereignty of God and the right for Jesus Christ to rule the nation. We interceded in those days in order to give the people more time to repent. From the divine standpoint, we were able to prevent a lot of disaster because it was not yet the appointed time to end the rule of the beast systems.

But now in 2017 we are in a different time. Divine judgment has come to the beast system and to all who support it. Unfortunately, that includes a large share of America, to say nothing of the rest of the world. Even much of the church supports the beast system and has adopted its lawless ways and practices.

We have reached the same point in time that Jeremiah reached in Jeremiah 7:16, where the prophet was told to cease praying for Jerusalem and Judah as a whole. The judgment was set and the verdict was rendered. The judgment at that point was unstoppable. Yet there was a secondary position that could yet be taken in prayer. It was to pray for protection upon God’s people within the context of the fall of Jerusalem.

That is where we are today in 2017. It is now the appointed time for divine judgment, and it cannot be stopped or postponed any longer. The purpose of our earlier times of intercession was to postpone judgment to the appointed time, lest it come too early on account of the magnitude of sin that was accumulating in the nation.

That is why we prayed for protection on August 23, rather than to stop Hurricane Harvey.

Our discernment is that this can be thought of as a “controlled judgment” upon America. In other words, it is not outside of God’s control. Nothing ever truly is, of course, but perhaps we can illustrate it this way: (1) You can let the dogs loose and let them do as they will to the burglars; or (2) You can keep the dogs on a leash as they chase down the bad guys.

By keeping the situation under control, we mean to convey that the judgment will have a positive outcome in the end. Hurricane Harvey, for example, became the living water that was to be mixed with the ashes of the red heifer in Houston, so that we might have cleansing from our spiritual leprosy. Hurricane Irma will have a different effect, yet unknown, but we know that it will be positive in the long run, because God will work all things out for good.

Meanwhile, however, God expects us to prepare for judgment around us. Some will be led to leave or evacuate; others will be led to remain to help those who are in need. The only real rule is to be led by the Spirit and to remain close to Jesus and under His umbrella (covering). That is the only safe place in the world, regardless of the time in which we live.

This is the second major judgment this year. More will follow until Babylon itself collapses. But we have no reason to fear, because this judgment is not meant to destroy us, but to set us free. We have prepared for many years. We have studied the word and have learned to follow His voice. Our faith has been strengthened for this day. The Kingdom is being given to the saints of the Most High. Have faith as we make the transition.

And remember that Irma/Herman is already a defeated foe.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones