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Federal debt increases by $318 billion

Sep 13, 2017

Since I have written recently about the number 318 and its prophetic significance, I thought it was interesting that when President Trump signed legislation last week increasing the Federal debt, the debt was increased by $318 billion.


The U.S. Government’s massive one-day debt increase had a profound impact on the amount of money it will have to fork over just to service its interest payment.  On Friday, Sept 9th, the U.S. Treasury increased the total debt by a stunning $318 billion.  Thus, the total U.S. Government debt increased from $19.84 trillion on Thursday to $20.16 trillion on Friday…

We must remember when the U.S Treasury adds more debt to its balance sheet; the government is now obligated to pay additional funds to service the interest on that debt.  So, for each increase in U.S. Government debt, comes with it, an increase in its debt service payment.

If hurricanes, earthquakes, and other expensive disasters continue to happen, the government will have no choice but to continue increasing the debt to pay for these things. The people will demand it, even if it destroys the dollar.

At the same time, in Scripture the number 318 is the number of the “remnant.” Abraham had 318 men born in his house, who were sent to free Lot from captivity (Genesis 14:14). These men represented “the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10 KJV), since they were born in Abraham’s house and Abraham was the father of faith (Galatians 3:7).

Isaiah was also the father of children who were named prophetically. One of his sons was named She’ar-jashub, “the remnant will return” (Isaiah 7:3; 10:21, 22). She’ar means “remnant,” and jashub has a numeric value of 318. Hence, it could read, “The remnant is 318.”

Recall that I wrote about the number 318 a few weeks ago and showed a picture of my Honda CRV with its new license plate: 318 XMA.


You may wish to review that as well. It seems significant somehow that the Federal debt would be increased by $318 billion. With every sign of bad things to come, God hides some good news in it, because ultimately, all things work together for good, whether we believe it or not. In this case, it appears that the remnant is returning to free Lot (the church living in Sodom) from captivity.

Perhaps, too, this is related to the sign in the heavens coming on September 23.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones