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Warfare with Hermann and Hermes

Aug 10, 2017

Yesterday, August 9, Chad, Brad, and I made a trip to New Ulm, Minnesota to deal with Hermann the German, or Hermann Deutsch, situated on the south bluff of the Minnesota River Valley. New Ulm is a German community situated in the valley itself. As we drove up the hill toward the statue, this is what we saw:


The statue sits atop a large dome that was built by Freemasons in 1888 to commemorate a German general who destroyed three Roman legions in the Tuetoberg Forest in A.D. 9. So to them, it is a symbol of liberty.


Yet there is often a spiritual reality lurking behind the physical monuments and symbols that men build. We live in parallel worlds, one physical and the other spiritual, and most people are only aware of the most obvious one. When they encounter the other, they have little or no reference point by which to understand it, so they dismiss it.

We came to see the three largest statues in America on a new level recently, as I explained in a previous weblog. On August 9, 2017 we were led to go to New Ulm to deal with the 34-foot statue of Hermann as part of the preparation work for the coming conference in Cloquet, MN in October. We had already replaced the Nephilim at Hermantown just a few miles from Cloquet and Duluth.

This entire work regarding Herman/Hermann/Hermon takes us back to Mount Hermon in Deuteronomy 4:48, which is Mount Sion, where Jesus was transfigured as the Son of God. The battle is really between the Sons of God and the counterfeit “sons of God” (Genesis 6:4). We are now at the end of the age, where the true Sons of God are replacing the counterfeits in preparation for the Kingdom of God to be ruled by the saints of the Most High.

We were unable to get close to the statue of Hermann, because the gate was locked. Nonetheless, we had no trouble doing the work outside the gate in full view of the Masonic foundation stone, where the builders have buried their occult paraphernalia that gives the statue its spiritual power and meaning.


We prayed, took communion, and released the land itself from innocent blood that has been shed on it. We broke all curses and all counterfeit blessings (which are actually curses), putting the land under the authority of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

This work was completed at 1:47 pm local time (CST). It seemed to suggest a connection with the 147,000 “troops” that are under the 22,000 rulers guarding the altars, which are under the three main Nephilim controlling North America, which are under the Prince of the Air.

Part of our discussion centered on the fact that Hermann wears a helmet that reminds us of Hermes, the Greek messenger god. The helmet has two wings on it, and Hermes is always depicted with two wings on each of his feet. But we received no further insight on this until later that evening.

Deliverance for Sha-ron

The trip to New Ulm took most of the day, and I did not get home until almost 5 pm. I ate a hasty supper and then drove to downtown Minneapolis to the weekly Wednesday night prayer meeting that I have been attending for the past year. (Sean leads this discussion/prayer, and I often teach as well.)

I got there at 6 pm, which is when the meeting is supposed to begin. Brad and Sean were already there, but others were late. So for the first half hour Sean shared details of the recent trip that he and Paul made to New York, Toronto, and around the Great Lakes. Soon others arrived. One of the women, Sha-ron, who is from the Philippines (born in Manila), was having stomach problems. She left to go to a back room.

Soon we began to hear her groaning in pain. Upon investigation, we found her kneeling on the floor, doubled up in pain. But we knew this was not an ordinary physical problem. It was obvious to me that she was manifesting a demonic problem. It was squeezing her so that she could hardly breathe, much like a python. So I launched into a deliverance session, as the others drew near with prayer support.

Of course, once we started praying and addressing this demonic entity, then (as they say) “all hell broke loose.” Of course, it refused to leave—and told us so—but we told it that it had no choice in the matter. We reminded it of who we are and that we had authority over it. It snarled and growled at us, trying to make us afraid. Fear is their most effective weapon, for if they can intimidate us through fear, we normally would back off and allow it to remain. However, as for my part, I felt no fear at all. I suppose I have done this enough to know their silly tactics.

Even so, he told me a few times in his growling, masculine voice, “I won’t go” and “You can’t make me” and other such nonsense. I told him, “Yes I can” and “You will go.” Finally, he tried laughing at me, and I knew then that he was getting desperate. When they laugh, they try to intimidate, but having been through this a few times in the past, I knew that it was a sign that we were nearing the end. So I responded with: “I laugh back at you—Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The whole ordeal took about a half hour, but in the end, he left, and Sha-ron was set free. We prayed for her to receive strength and healing, as her health had been greatly affected by this demon. In fact, she had told me last month that her organs were shutting down, one by one. Past prayer by itself did not bring healing, but now that she had been delivered of the demon, I believe that she was fully healed.

When disease is caused by spiritual entities, it is easy to reverse it and to bring healing. I have seen it before, particularly in 2004 with a woman named Lori, who was delivered from the spirit of Baphomet. After 27 years of deafness in one ear and of color blindness, among other things, she was finally healed fully.


Anyway, we returned to the main meeting room, and Sha-ron pulled out her notepad and began to draw something. I went outside to give Dave and Sherry a call (who knew nothing about what was going on at the time, or the work done earlier with regard to Herman the German), asking them to pray about this so we might understand the significance of this. They called back shortly and said that the entity was a Ruler named Hermes, that he was of the rank of Ruler, and that he ruled over most of the Philippines (Luzon, Mindanao, and Palawan islands, but not the Visayan Islands).

Hermes is a Greek messenger god, known by the Romans as Mercury. In essence, he is the religious spirit responsible for spreading the gospel of the false gods. The fact that Hermann the German was wearing a Hermes helmet connected Hermann with Hermes as well. There is much that we do not yet know or understand about this, but we now believe that Hermes has been overthrown, allowing the TRUE gospel of the Kingdom to be preached through God’s TRUE messengers in what we call the Open Door Ministry—which seems to begin in the Philippines.

When I shared this with the group, Sha-ron shared that she had been drawing a picture of a round dome with wings on it, for this is what she had seen in connection with the demonic entity that had been oppressing her for so many years. This confirmed that it was indeed Hermes.

Overall, yesterday marked an important step toward the Open Door Ministry, opening up most of the Philippines to the gospel of the Kingdom. Brad and I plan to go there for a week in late October after the Conference in Cloquet. From there we plan to go to Cambodia for two weeks.

Sha-ron recovered her strength rather quickly, and soon she began to laugh with the joy of the Lord. It was as if her joy had been suppressed for years and was now suddenly being released all at once. Soon she was dancing in the room and prophesying about opened heavens and the rains coming down from heaven. She insisted that everyone at the meeting must go to Cloquet this Saturday (August 12), where a concert has been scheduled in connection to the organization (ministry) that is hosting our conference in October.

I was already planning to go this Saturday, taking John with me. (John spoke at our conference last May in regard to the Anoka project (building and securing the gates around the New Jerusalem).

Sha-ron’s joy, laughter, and dancing disrupted our “normal” meeting with the chaos that is often seen when the Holy Spirit disregards our plans and schedules. God insisted that we have some fun after such serious work of deliverance. The sheer contrast between the deep pain and the subsequent joy and dancing was really amazing.

So August 9, 2017 will be remembered for years to come. The Kingdom is moving forward, and we get to be part of it.

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