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The seven Salems affected by the coming Eclipse

Aug 19, 2017

There are 7 cities called “Salem” that will be affected by the solar eclipse on August 21.


1. Salem, Oregon

2. Salem, Idaho

3. Salem, Wyoming (not mentioned on most maps; just on Google Earth)

4. Salem, Nebraska

5. Salem, Missouri

6. Salem, Kentucky

7. Salem, South Carolina

What does this signify? Well, first of all, Salem is the Hebrew word for “peace.” Jerusalem, or Ieru-salem means “City of Peace.”

An eclipse has never been a positive sign throughout history. It has always been seen as a sign of judgment or death in some manner. So we might interpret this to mean the death of peace, or peace being taken from the earth.

I recall when the Concorde crashed in Paris on July 25, 2000, and I heard the word, “Peace has been taken from the earth.” The pilot’s name was Christian Marti (“martyr”). At the same time, the peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Barak and Palestinian leader, Yassir Arafat, collapsed when they could not agree over the status of Jerusalem. And so, 414 days later, on September 11, 2001, peace was indeed taken from the earth, and America entered into a perpetual state of war known as the “war on terror.” In reality, it was the start of the new Reign of Terror within the US government itself, much like what happened in the French Revolution from 1789-1794. The Deep State loves to control the narrative by calling things the opposite of what they really are.

This peace-destroying eclipse may also refer to the earthly Jerusalem itself. Though the eclipse will not be visible in Jerusalem, it is visible in seven cities of Salem here in the USA.

Witches love eclipses, because they signify the light being cut off and plunging the world into darkness. There are little known energies in times like these that witches love to harness for their own devious purposes. So there is no doubt that many of them will be meeting to pray to their gods and cast spells and hexes.

We ourselves have a divine court date at the same time (August 21) to repent and to oppose the powers of darkness. We have noticed recently that the powers of darkness are starting to come to the surface where they can be discerned and dealt with. Then two days later, August 23, will be our Renewing the Covenant prayer campaign.

If you recall from Secrets of Time, Abraham was born 1948 years from Adam. The covenant with Abraham was made when he was 70 years old—the year 2018 from Adam. Our year 2018 begins on September 21, 2017, just two days before the next great sign in the heavens, the Virgin giving birth to Jupiter (“The King’s Planet”).

The 40 days from 1 Elul to 10 Tishri are known in traditional Judaism as The Season of Teshuvah, “repentance.” Specifically, the people were to repent for worshiping the golden calf while Moses was in the Mount receiving the Ten Commandments. Teshuvah celebrates the 40 days of Israel’s repentance while Moses was in the Mount receiving the second set of tablets (Ten Commandments) in Exodus 34.

The final ten days from Rosh Hoshana (1 Tishri) to Yom Kippur (10 Tishri) are known as the Days of Awe. They are final ten days of Teshuvah, introducing the New Year.


This year these 40 days extend from August 23 (our prayer campaign) until September 30 (Day of Atonement). It begins with our renewal of the New Covenant, as if we ourselves were going back up the Mount to receive the law written on our hearts. Meanwhile, the church is called to repent during that time, so that the glory will not be veiled once again by the Old Covenant. The veil of the Old Covenant must be removed in order to remove the blindness upon the people, as Paul explains in 2 Corinthians 3:13-18.

Paul says in verse 17 that it is only when this veil is removed that we can find true liberty. So we are not going into this prayer campaign to establish more veils, but to remove them. Hence, it is critical that we understand the terms of the New Covenant. Even as Moses returned from the Mount with the new tables of the law, so also the New Covenant is not lawless. The same law is written, but this time it is on our hearts (Hebrews 8:10), rather than on external tables of stone.

In other words, the distinction is not between law and grace, but between man’s vow and God’s vow. Who is responsible to fulfill the divine plan? Is it done by the will of man or by the will of God? Is it by the will of the flesh or by the will of the Spirit? Is it fulfilled by the power of flesh that has been begotten by blood line, or is it fulfilled by the power of the New Creation Man that has been begotten by the Spirit?

Which Jerusalem will prevail? Will it be the earthly Jerusalem, which the prophets denounced as “The Bloody City,” or will it be the New Jerusalem? Or, to use Paul’s allegory, will Hagar-Jerusalem be the “mother” of the Kingdom, or will it be Sarah-New Jerusalem?

In my view the eclipse over the seven Salems speaks of judgment coming upon the earthly, fleshly Jerusalem in order to allow the heavenly Jerusalem to bring forth the inheritors of the Kingdom.

These are the essential issues of the prayer campaign that must be established before the veil can be removed.

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