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The descent into chaos

Aug 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey seems to be the first major step into America’s descent into chaos. I was expecting to see some sort of event take place shortly after our August 23 prayer campaign, but frankly, I thought it would come as an earthquake off the Pacific Northwest coast, possibly accompanied by a tsunami. It appears now that such flooding came from the south, hitting Texas instead.

The rain is still continuing, and most estimates are measuring this rainfall in feet, rather than in inches. They expect about three feet of rain in many places, with other estimates reaching as high as 50 inches—more than four feet of rain.

Houston has very poor drainage. A four-inch rainfall not long ago caused massive flooding. What will they do with 3-4 feet of rain? It will not be long before the news media compares it to Noah’s flood. Biblically speaking, bad news is also good news in the long run. Divine judgments are corrective in the long term, even if they are destructive in the short term. Even the greatest judgment of all time (Noah’s flood) prophesied of the coming flood of the Holy Spirit, as I have taught many times in the past.

Most people have their hands full, trying to cope with the immediate problem, of course, and cannot see the positive aspects of divine judgment. Only those who have faith in God and who know Him well can see beyond their immediate circumstances and know that He will protect them and guide them through it all. The real solution is to know how to pray and to be led by the Spirit in all things. Practicing this during the good times is good preparation for the bad times.

Those wishing to donate cash to help flood victims should also understand that many (or most) of the disaster relief funds are of little help in times like this. Non-profit organizations are required by law to give just 5% of their donations to charitable work. The rest they may keep and invest for “the future.” When large sums of money are raised for “charity,” men set up foundations and other organizations on a permanent basis. In other words, they use this donated money to keep the organization running forever.

Remember the Haiti earthquake? $13 billion was raised for disaster relief. But most of the money was siphoned off to make the rich richer.


The Red Cross raised a half billion dollars, and used it to build six homes.


The Clinton Foundation took in huge sums of money, but used only a small percentage of it in Haiti itself. And even then, most of that went to bribing politicians in order to obtain political influence. Very little of the donations actually went to help the people in need.


 If you want to donate money for disaster relief, it is best to be your own charity and help people directly. That way 100% of it goes to the one you designate, not just 5% or less.

Keep in mind that Haggai’s prophecy of the great shaking probably has nothing to do with Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane has certainly “shaken” people in Texas, but I think this prophecy will be fulfilled by an earthquake, which will then cause a political and economic earthquake. When watching for signs of the fall of Mystery Babylon, an earthquake is much more likely to be the sign of both Haggai 2:6, 7 and Revelation 16:18.

So I believe that there is much more to come. The good news is that with the fall of Babylon is also coming the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fill the void left by the collapsing world system and the exposure of its corruption and oppression.

Trump Pardons Sheriff Arpaio

Another media-made scandal is now being promoted by the Fakestream Media. President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, who had been convicted of a misdemeanor. He committed the crime of enforcing the law in regard to illegal immigration in Arizona. Enforcing immigration laws became a serious crime under the Obama administration.

I understand that there are times when man-made laws run contrary to God’s law. I disagree with many laws in America. Much will change when the Kingdom of God is established. In the case of immigration laws, I can find no such laws in Scripture, where the only illegal immigrant is one who refuses to abide by the laws of Israel—that is, God’s laws. The problem with our immigration laws is that we allow non-believers to come in who have no intention of submitting to Jesus Christ and His laws. They come to change the laws to conform to their own religious system or philosophy.

That is the deeper problem which has never been addressed in US history. And that is why the USA is not (yet) a Kingdom nation. At best, we were created as a Christian Nation, as the Supreme Court justice David Brewer ruled in 1892.


But President Obama declared that we were no longer a Christian nation.


Obama was right, of course, insofar as present-day America is concerned. That is the problem. But a Christian nation is not necessarily a Kingdom nation. All Christians nations in the past were run by men and functioned by the traditions of men—men’s interpretations of the divine law. Such interpretations have been fatally flawed from the beginning. So while I might generally support the idea of a Christian nation as the best form of government that men can buy, I am looking for something better. A Kingdom nation is not possible apart from the rule of Jesus Christ as King along with the overcomers.

This is, in fact, what the coming Age holds for us. That is the goal of God’s judgment upon Mystery Babylon, which is now beginning to happen. When it does, then immigration will be restricted to those who are willing to submit to the King and to be obedient to His laws. Such a restriction may also exclude some Christians who give themselves the right to violate whatever laws they disagree with. (See Luke 13:28.)

But getting back to Sheriff Arpaio, he was attempting to enforce Congressional mandates that were long-standing. The Obama Doctrine says that the president has the right to ignore any law that he disagrees with and to persecute anyone who continues trying to enforce the law. Right now it is unclear whether the Obama Doctrine applies to presidents of either party. In fact, that is being tested right now, for the Fakestream Media is implying that Republican President Trump does not share that same right.

As he left office in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, who was one the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, because he was a generous contributor to the Clinton political campaigns.


Yet the media is “shocked” that President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, calling it an endorsement of racism. Both Clinton and Trump had the Constitutional right to pardon whoever they please, but Clinton was treated as a statesman, though he pardoned a notorious felon, whereas Trump will be treated as a criminal for pardoning a man trying in his own way to uphold the law.

The Nixon Doctrine says, "If the president orders it, that makes it legal." Nixon made that statement in an interview with David Frost.


This is a derivative of the Divine Right of Kings, applied to American presidents, as if they were kings. The Obama Doctrine is a further derivative of the Nixon Doctrine, setting forth the idea that the President is above the law and has the right to ignore it “if the president orders it.” Obama then began to enforce his own doctrine by targeting Sheriff Arpaio, who refused to submit to the new presidential Doctrine.

If this Obama Doctrine is allowed to remain, then Nixon will be vindicated. Is that really what the American people want? How can we credibly call ourselves “a nation of laws,” when those laws can be changed by presidential decrees?

Anyway, in my view, God is exposing the heart of the beast. There is great discontent right now, and the nation is divided. We are in the process of tearing ourselves apart, because there is too much diversity. Diversity is good, as long as we can agree on certain fundamental principles by which governments remain stable. Those fundamental principles, when you dig down to examine their roots, are always religious in nature, whether we like to admit it or not.

God Himself is bringing this age to a close, and He is the ultimate cause of this instability. If God did nothing, we would all be united in our lawlessness and “freedom” to sin until we simply destroyed ourselves. But the beast systems were given a limited contract, and we are now at the end of that “seven times” contract. To the Babylonians, that is bad news. To us, it is good news.

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