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The arrow has been shot

Aug 23, 2017

This morning the Father spoke to me, saying, “The arrow has been shot.” I knew what He meant, for He was speaking of the ninth sign of Elisha. The arrow has not yet hit the target, but it is in the air. Those with eyes to see it can see it coming. It cannot now be stopped.

I wrote last month that on July 10 we reached the end of the 1335 days since November 13-14, 2013, when I fed 100 pastors in the Philippines and gave each of them 10,000 Iraqi dinars during a two-day conference. That was an obvious fulfillment of the ninth sign of Elisha found in 2 Kings 4:42-44, where Elisha fed 100 men by multiplying the bread.

More recently, the 1335-day cycle from Daniel 12:12 applied to this sign, ending July 9/10, 2017. When the dinar did not revalue at that time, I inquired of the Father to see if we were off track somehow or if we had missed something. He confirmed that we had heard His word correctly, and that we were to begin preparations by faith, knowing that the provisions would be visible for the tenth sign (and beyond) as we needed them.

As you may recall, on July 15 we began the work of replacing the Nephilim at Hermantown, MN. When they filed an appeal in the divine court, along with false accusations against us, we answered their appeal on July 17 and were given authority to come against them according to the law of false accusation (Deuteronomy 19:16, 17, 18, 19). He gave us understanding that we would see the outcome of this on or by July 22, which is a type of the 8th day of Tabernacles.

So the initial provision for the Open Door ministry came in the mail on July 21, enough to fund the first two trips this coming October and November to the Philippines and Cambodia. This proved our discernment, as far as we are concerned. We have understood for a long time that funding would come from many sources, though I believe that the main source would be the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, since the dinar is mentioned in John 6:7 in the story where Jesus fed the multitude.

A Strange Dinar Story

On March 24, 2011, I posted a weblog entitled “A Strange Dinar Story.”


It is about some men who were eating at Carl’s Jr. restaurant when a stranger comes up to them and begins to talk with them. According to their account (which I copied):

So this man asks, "Where's your church" while he is looking/texting on his smart phone, never looking up. My friend was a little thrown off because this man would not look up. My friend answers and says we are just down the road, you should come and visit us on Sunday. The man says that he is just passing through but then asked, "Do you believe in coincidence?" My friends says, "No". The man then says, "Sit down I want to tell you something that will help prepare your family and church for what is going to happen". So they sit and the man writes on the back of his Carls Jr. receipt the name of a Dinar site, gives it to him and says go to this website and order some Iraqi dinar. My friend tells him that he has some and is familiar with it.

The man tells him, "Good, it's going to revalue soon and when it does you need to buy silver and gold because once it does everything is going to change". My friend said, "Well we heard that it's supposed to RV any day now". The man responds, "Not yet but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war." and then he says this, "When it does happen it will RV at 3.18, when it does RV, everything is going to change". My friend said that he was fluttery in his spirit and not able to think straight when this man was talking. He was able to ask him, "So how do you know this, what do you do?" The man answered, "I do what I do and I'm good at it". My friend then left with his Youth Pastor feeling weird. When my friend finally got his composure he turned around and went back to talk to him some more but the man was gone. (of course!).

Repeat: “it will RV at 3.18.” Of course, it was not possible to know what 318 meant. Was the new rate to be $3.18 per dinar? Was this a time, as in March 18, or perhaps the 318th day of the year (November 13/14)? Some other meaning?

More than two years later, on November 13/14, 2013, I was holding the pastors conference in the Philippines, feeding 100 pastors. On the last evening of the conference, November 14, I gave them each 10,000 dinar. That was the 318th day of the year. The dinar did not revalue at that time, but it did confirm the connection between the revaluation and the number 318.

As I said, we recently discerned that November 14, 2013 was the start of the 1335-day cycle in Daniel 12:12, where the prophet was told, “How blessed is he who keeps waiting and attains to the 1,335 days!” It happened that 1335 days later was July 10, 2017, which is a prophetic type of the Day of Atonement (7/10 on the Hebrew calendar).

That date, I believe, was the turning point, when the arrow was shot, and there was no turning back. Soon afterward, we began to engage the Nephilim at Hermantown. Keep in mind also the old revelation that “July is like September.” Some of the dates in July are likely to be important in September.

The Car and the New Name

As some of you know, since the late 1990’s, I have been leasing automobiles, rather than buying them. I normally lease a year-old car for three years at a time, because I do not have to pay a big downpayment up front. My lease on my Nissan ran out at the end of July, and I replaced it with a Honda CRV. When the new license plate was sent to me, it read 318-XMA.


What are the odds of having the state send me the number 318 to put on a CRV (See RV)?

A license plate is an identification number, sort of like “naming” a car. The license arrived on August 12, and I put it on the car the next day, August 13. This coincided with the birth of Sarah (in Belfast, not the one in Genesis) on August 12. On this date she was given a new name, changing from Charlene to Sarah. Sarah is the primary type of the New Covenant (Galatians 4:22-26). This name change from Charlene to Sarah was seen as a prophetic act, and because the date coincided with the arrival of my “318” license plate, the two events seem to be connected.

If July is like September, then August is like October, and this would then speak into October 12/13. October 12, 2017 is the 8th day of Tabernacles, and our conference begins on October 13. The 8th day of Tabernacles is prophetic of the time when the sons of God are presented to Him on the 8th day, according to the law (Exodus 22:29, 30). Traditionally, this was also the moment when the son was given a name, as we see in the case of Jesus in Luke 2:21.

So we can say that the timing was perfect for Sarah to receive her new name, because when we add the revelation about August 12 being connected to October 12, she received her new name on the 8th day of Tabernacles. This is the day that the sons of God will also receive their new names when the autumn feasts are finally fulfilled.

I love how God teaches us His word through prophetic revelation and events in our own lives. I suspect that there are many readers who were unaware that the 8th day of Tabernacles was the time that the sons of God would be presented to the Father after being brought to birth on the first day of Tabernacles. And how many would have associated that day with the new name being given?

When these things happen, we all learn and we all benefit by what we see in the lives of others who are led by the Spirit.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones