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Tabernacles 2014 declaration

Aug 31, 2017

At the October 2014 Tabernacles conference, we declared the transfer of authority from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High in fulfillment of Daniel 7:22, 27. We recognized at the time that this was a legal declaration from the throne of God, which was to be fulfilled over a period of time in the world.

Note that when God gave Israel the land of Canaan, it took some years for them to fulfill their mandate and to take the land in a physical way. So also was it in 2014. So at the time, I explained to everyone that the first main transition time was to take three years to Tabernacles of 2017.

Well, now we are almost at the end of this transition period, and so far 2017 has proved to be very significant, especially insofar as “cleansing” is concerned. We now see it in terms of the ashes of the red heifer, mixed with the water from Hurricane Harvey, as I explained earlier.

Recall that at the 2014 Tabernacles conference, I asked Carolyn Del Bello to stand with me and to declare the opening of the Miphkad gate. This was the final gate in the long work that they had been involved with since the 1980’s when Sister Thea first received the revelation of the “Star Vision” and the gates. The Miphkad gate, identified with Minneapolis and the surrounding area, was the last gate to be opened prophetically.

Carolyn’s declaration on October 12, 2014 was as follows:

We speak to the Rock, Jesus Christ

to release the living waters of the new creation man,

to come forth and begin to flow over the ashes

of your overcomers bringing cleansing and release

of captivity from the old creation man. Amen!

In light of this declaration, it is significant that Hurricane Harvey first hit ROCKPORT, TX near Corpus Christi, “Body of Christ.” The “living waters” have now begun to “flow over the ashes” in Houston, “bringing cleansing” to the world and “release of captivity from the old creation man.”

The timing of the 2014 declaration also makes September 2-6 a time to watch. From Oct. 12, 2014 to September 2, 2017 is 1056 days.

Noah was born in the year 1056 from Adam. Recall that when he was 600 years old (in the year 1656), the flood came.

However, the October 12, 2014 declaration was actually made effective four days later on the 8th day of Tabernacles: October 16, 2014. So we should also watch 1056 days from then, which brings us to September 6, 2017.

I suspect that we will see some significant events, especially in America, between those dates.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones