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Signs of the coming Kingdom

Aug 24, 2017

The Renewing the Covenant prayer campaign yesterday was accomplished, and so it should be clear to all that the coming Kingdom will be based on the will of God, not upon the will of man. That may seem self-evident, of course, but all of our prayer campaigns are designed to conform to the will of God. We do not pray according to our own will or desire, but according to His. It is not our purpose to change God’s mind, but to seek His will and then come into agreement with Him.

The problem has been that people have misunderstood His will. Worse yet, in our lack of understanding, we are often confused in our understanding of our own beliefs and words. In this regard, most believers claim the New Covenant, but define it essentially as a renewal of the Old Covenant. They repudiate Hagar-Jerusalem, but then re-establish the same Jerusalem as the mother of the inheritors. They renounce the Aaronic priesthood and claim the priesthood of Melchizedek, but then they re-establish all the fleshly trappings of the Aaronic priesthood.

The confusion comes from a lack of understanding of the distinctions between flesh and spirit and between the old and the new way of doing things. Our hope is to bring clarity to these things, and having done that, to begin praying according to the Father’s will and not leaning upon our own (mis)understanding.

If I Cast Out Demons

In Matthew 12:28 Jesus said,

28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

We have seen this sign of the Kingdom recently, particularly since we went to New Ulm to do the work against the false god Hermes at the statute of Herman. I wrote about it here:


Later that evening (August 10), we cast out two evil spirits from Sha-ron. The next day other evil spirits came to the surface, and others were called upon to deal with these. Finally, last night we cast out another seven. They fought hard, and some insisted that they would never leave, but I told them that I was not looking for complaints, but for compliance. They have no power over the blood of Jesus Christ. I know it, and they know it, because that issue was settled a long time ago.

The demons screamed a lot, but the blood of Jesus had rendered them harmless. Neither could they penetrate the full armor of God. I think she is now fully clean, but if others surface, we stand ready to deal with them as well. So far we have cast out eleven from her, all imposed upon her as a child by witchcraft in her family, who sought wealth and favors from the dark side.

After being cleansed, she began to have flashbacks (or visions) of things done to her as a child. She also remembered how her ankle was treated in occult fashion when she was a child. Last week I noticed that she had painful swelling in her ankle, but assumed this condition had a physical origin. But her flashback told me that it was actually caused by a spiritual problem, I led her in a prayer in the parking lot to deal with it. She then heard a loud “crack” as the power of the enemy was broken.

I do not understand why parents are willing to sacrifice their children to false gods. This was done throughout the Old Testament, of course. Our God forbids offering up our children to Molech. Today, many still dedicate their children to Satan or a false god or evil spirits in hopes of gaining wealth by “making a deal with the devil.” In doing so, they inflict great harm upon their children, even if they do not actually kill them.

Politics and the music industry is full of this. Witchcraft is rampant in America. But the Kingdom of God is near whenever we reverse these curses and “cast out demons by the Spirit of God.” The biggest problem, I suppose, is that so few people know how to do this, and even fewer are experienced at it. But locally, at least, some have been able to observe and see how it is done, and they are gaining confidence to be able to do such ministry if needed.

To do such ministry requires knowing your identity in Christ and knowing that every solution is rooted in the blood of Jesus Christ. Knowing those two things makes you fearless, and the evil spirits cannot shake you or paralyze you with fear and intimidation.

I am telling you these things for your instruction, but keep in mind that I do not want to specialize in deliverance ministry. My primary calling is to teach, so I would rather teach others how to do deliverance ministry. If I tried to do it all myself, I would soon be overwhelmed by the massive need that is out there. In fact, I have seen some who were “burned out” by deliverance ministry. I do not seek out such problems. I only deal with them when I encounter them every few years. When such problems surface, it is good to be able to set people free.

Spiritual Rankings

In this particular case, I find that last night’s deliverance work was an interesting sign of the coming Kingdom, in light of our prayer campaign on the same day. In doing this work, we got a side benefit of overthrowing some powerful evil spirits ruling the Philippines, including some with the rank of Commander. According to my own revelation from 2001, there is a satanic hierarchy on the dark side that looks like this (from highest to lowest rank):

Archprinces (over continents or large areas)

Princes (over nations)

Commanders (over regions and religions)

Powers (over large organizations and denominations)

Unclean/evil spirits (possessing individuals)

Most demonic problems are limited to the lower class, but the higher ranks have the added feature of controlling territory and organizations, including religions and denominations. In our case, we came up against some Commanders who ruled various islands in the Philippines, since Sha-ron is Filipino and that is where she was first victimized as a child.

In our first encounter on August 10 we discovered this, but at that time we were able to overthrow only Commanders controlling Luzon, Mindanao, and Palawan, all Philippine islands. I wondered why the Visayan islands (between Luzon and Mindanao) were not represented. But last night’s victory completed this, and so now all the islands of the Philippines are vulnerable to the onslaught of the Kingdom of God. The main Commanders have been removed and sent to the feet of Jesus for judgment. That simply means that less powerful “Powers” have assumed control, and so the nation will be that much easier to reclaim for the Kingdom.

The Work Ahead

I am aware that our work now is preparing the way for our trip to the Philippines in late October into early November. What that means remains to be seen, of course. But we do remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 12:28, 29,

28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. 29 Or how can anyone enter the strong man’s house and carry off his property, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.

In other words, one must do some spiritual work of deliverance before one can be successful in taking the nations for the Kingdom of God. The fact that we are now being called upon to do this suggests that the Open Door Ministry (on a new scale) is indeed drawing close. I am encouraged by that. It gives new meaning and purpose to our conference in Cloquet in October, which is close to Duluth (“Open Door”) and Hermantown, where Nephilim were replaced.

All of you who support this work in any way are active participants in this ministry. Not everyone can do the actual work, but Jesus says in Matthew 10:41 that you are equal shareholders in any heavenly rewards that He may dispense toward us. We are all in this together as a team.


Picture taken Aug 1st near indianapolis Indiana


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