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Preparing to cleanse the world

Aug 31, 2017

I first met the “red heifer” women in August of 1991 at a conference in Pennsylvania. Most of them are from the Houston area. They worked extensively with sister Thea Eroes to fulfill her “Star Vision,” which Thea received at the big Charismatic Convention at Notre Dame in the late 1970’s. I have written about these things a few times in the past.

I wrote about Thea’s story in 2009 beginning here:


The point is that these women have had a “red heifer” calling, and this refers to the law of the red heifer in Numbers 19. A red heifer was to be offered as a burnt offering, and its ashes were to be stored in a clean place outside the camp. The ashes were then to be mixed with water and sprinkled upon the unclean—those who had touched a dead body or who had just been healed of leprosy—so that they could re-enter the camp of Israel.

A heifer, of course, is female, so the red heifer calling has been played out through this group of about a dozen women in the Houston area. But what does this mean? How is it significant in the progression of the work of the Kingdom today?


The Sonship movement that arose through the Latter Rain movement (1948-1952) was mostly unbalanced, in that it had difficulty perceiving Sonship apart from male dominance. But Sonship is not just for men. And when Paul speaks of the “new man” or the “inner man,” he was speaking from a spiritual point of view, where “there is neither male nor female” (Galatians 3:28). The inner “man” is within both men and women. Its sexless nature is recognized by the NASB, which often translates it “self,” as in Ephesians 4:22.

The Sonship movement in the past half century did not properly recognize the woman’s role in bringing forth the Sons of God, nor did it really understand the laws that mandate both male and female sacrifices. When a leader sinned, a male goat was to be offered (Leviticus 4:22, 24); but when the congregation (church) sinned, a female goat was to be offered (Leviticus 4:27, 28). The church was thus designated as “female,” even though about half of them were men.

The red heifer was also a female, and so the whole idea of cleansing in Scripture hinges upon the female role. Cleansing, in this way of thinking, prepares all of us to become part of the congregation (church), that is, to be part of the family of God. It is very much like a birth. Hence, it is a female function.

To this, we might add that the two covenants are also portrayed as women in Galatians 4:22-26. The covenants themselves play a female role in prophecy, and no one can come into a covenant relationship with God apart from this female requirement. It is self-evident, of course, that birthing is a female function.

Quite early in history, the church set aside the law and soon ceased to study it or to understand its purpose. One of the great casualties of this was that the church failed to recognize the distinction between the two covenants. Because of this failure, the church soon reverted back to an Old Covenant mindset, complete with a dependence upon fleshly things—physical temples, priests with robes, burning incense, traditions of men, and enslavement of the people to men who had usurped the authority of Christ.

This created a “bond woman” mentality in the church, and the church no longer functioned as Sarah, but as Hagar. In this way, women themselves were subordinated and subjected to a secondary role, whereas the law had given them an indispensable role in the Kingdom. When the Sonship movement arose in the 1950’s, the men dominated the scene, so no one ever hears of women who were among the great “Sonship teachers.”

This is unfortunate, because without recognizing the role of women, there is no way that the Sons of God can be brought to birth. Birthing requires a woman’s role—and respect for it.

But now at the end of this age, the role of women in Sonship is coming forth just in time for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The red heifer women have paid a great price, even as the biblical red heifer had to be burned up completely. The red heifer could not be used to cleanse anyone. Only its ashes could be used. Without those ashes, no one could be cleansed who had touched a dead body or who had been healed of leprosy. In other words, coming out of death into life (immortality) requires submitting to the sprinkling of clean water that contains the ashes of the red heifer.

Completion on March 7, 2017

I received a phone call from one of the red heifer women on March 7, informing me that the work was finally completed. The red heifers were finally fully dead, burnt to ashes. There was a long story behind this, of course, including signs of the times. But when I heard this, I received the revelation for my fourth novel, entitled, Power of the Flame. The book is about the life of Samson, but at that moment I understood that the main theme was to be about cleansing by the angel known as Power of the Flame.

When I received this revelation, I had not yet completed my third novel, My Father’s Tear, nor, in fact, had God even revealed the title of that book yet. But knowing the main theme of the fourth novel that early helped me prepare for it in the third novel.

Then at our Passover conference in May 2017, Jeanette Strauss gave us some crucial pieces of information about how to cleanse the land. I saw this in the light of the cleansing theme that I was about to present in Power of the Flame. Back in 2001, I received a phone call from California, giving me a word that one of the angels assigned to me was named Power of the Flame. The name was taken from Isaiah 47:14 KJV. I knew almost nothing about this angel or its function until this year, when I began writing the book by that name.

Now I know that it is one of the cherubim, having the function of cleansing. Like the cherubim guarding the Tree of Life at the gate of the Garden of Eden, his role is to guard the gate of the New Jerusalem, allowing only those qualified to enter. In the Old Jerusalem, if it had been possible under the Old Covenant, only the righteous would have been allowed to enter. However, the Old Covenant was limited in its ability and could not make anyone righteous. So the court on the Mount of Olives held the ashes of the red heifer (with a cistern of water), but it could only provide a ceremony of cleansing, which made no one immortal from touching a dead body.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey struck Houston this past week, dumping over 40 inches of rain on the city. Some parts of Texas (as of yesterday) received more than 52 inches of rain, with more still coming. I have had some reports from Houston. Yesterday, as I was finishing the final corrections on Power of the Flame, I received a call from Carolyn to give me a praise report. She lives just south of Houston, and her house is now an island in an inland sea. She reported that the other night the water level had reached the top step of the house. One more centimeter would bring water into the house.

They went to bed at midnight, as there was nothing more to be done to prepare for a flood. It continued to rain all night, but in the morning, instead of seeing a flood in the lower level, it was dry. They discovered that the water level had remained unchanged all through the rainy night.

She also reported that there has been a tremendous outpouring of love in the city, as people helped complete strangers. Many are rising to the occasion. Some restaurants in the city are even opening to provide free meals for the police and firefighters, who have been working very hard throughout this disaster. Reporters from California are impressed at how people are helping others. Apparently, they did not see much of this in New Orleans when Katrina devastated that city in 2005.

From a prophetic standpoint, however, what is important to us is that the water has now been added to the ashes of the red heifers in Houston.

This means the way is now prepared for the great work of cleansing the earth. We are now almost ready for the Open Door Ministry. The women (heifers) have completed their role, so that the Sons can now fulfill theirs. Over the years, we have understood that there was a prophetic connection between Houston and Minneapolis. Houston was the place for the women’s work to be done, and Minneapolis was the place where the Open Door Ministry would be launched through the Sons.

So between March 7 and August 30, the final preparations have been completed for this Open Door Ministry. The Tabernacles conference in Cloquet October 13-15 will be the launch date. I will then be heading for the Philippines and Cambodia on the first leg of the Open Door Ministry. It appears that this time the Open Door is truly opening for real as a permanent feature.

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