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Prayer and Decree to close the portal of pedophilia

Aug 22, 2017


08/20/2017  6:00 p.m.

Boy’s Town in Omaha, Nebraska

Wayne & BonnieLynn Knappick, Mike & Kathy Winchell

Communion before breakfast.

The Full Armor:

Father, we come before Your Throne of Grace, in the name of Jesus and under His blood.  We put on the whole armor of GOD: the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of the preparation of the gospel, the good news, of peace.  We take the sword of the Spirit, which is Your Word, FATHER, and the shield of faith, by which all the darts of evil are quenched.

We beseech You, FATHER, to send Your holy angels and Your heavenly host to protect us, our families, our loved ones, and the Overcomers from any repercussions from the enemy.


FATHER, we repent on behalf of the Church for the sexual sins and lasciviousness and pedophilia committed against YOU, Your laws, and the innocent victims who have not had a voice that has been heard; and on behalf of the Overcomers.

COMMUNION on the Land

Pour out the bread and wine on the land at Boy’s Town.


Scriptures given for authority to appear here:

I Corinthians 10: 23-26

Hebrews 4:12-16

Micah 7:11-12

On behalf of Jesus Christ, the Son of GOD, from whom nothing is hidden, we come before the Divine Court, to make this Decree that the spiritual portal located here—that has been open for more than 80 years—be closed.

We make this Decree before the Divine Court to redeem the land from sexual sins, lasciviousness and pedophilia.  This redemption of the land, and by extension the whole earth, includes the land of the innocents.

We Decree that GOD’s Kingdom laws now fill this void.


We humbly thank You FATHER for the privilege to appear here in Your Divine Court and at Your direction.  We thank You that Your Kingdom will cover the whole earth as the waters cover the sea.  All praise and thanks to You.  In Jesus Name.

Amen and Amen!


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones