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Update on Tabernacles conference

Jul 05, 2017

We now have a firm date for the Tabernacles conference in Cloquet, Minnesota--October 13-15, 2017. So once again our plan is to begin on Friday morning, October 13 and end late afternoon on Sunday, October 15.

We will be setting up the electronics on Thursday evening, October 12. They have high-speed internet available for live streaming.

There are hotels in the area. On Monday I will take off a day and go to Cloquet to check out hotels and meet with our key contact. So I will not write a blog on Monday. Cloquet is about 2 hours drive north of Minneapolis and about 15 miles south of Duluth.

We are planning to rent a shuttle van for that week end, since some of the hotels are a few miles from the meeting place. I don't know if yet if any of the hotels have shuttle service to and from the airport in Duluth. I will find out on Monday. But if not, we will do what we can to provide our own shuttle service. If you can rent a car, it would be more convenient for you.

I will update you next week.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones