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Ted Cruz calls for investigation into Obama's interference in foreign elections

Jul 05, 2017

Former president Obama may soon be investigated for interfering in foreign elections, including the election of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. America has been interfering in dozens of elections around the world over the past decades, in order to ensure “friendly” (i.e., subservient) leaders around the world.

How far back will they investigate? Both Republican and Democratic presidents did it regularly and thought nothing of it. So to blame Russia for interfering in the last US election is the height of hypocrisy.

Watch for stiff opposition against such an investigation. After all, it was usually the CIA that did the interfering, and they do not want their secrets (or "mysteries") to come out into the open. Remember, too, that Barack Obama's mother was a CIA operative, as were her parents.


Senator Ted Cruz is starting what will be an EXTREMELY thorough investigation into Obama’s influence in politics in foreign countries. Mind you, the money that was spent by Obama overseas was all done so with hardworking taxpayer’s money… and not to mention done through George Soros’ USAID organization.

The republican senators are demanding that Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, IMMEDIATELY delve into the investigation. Their hope is that the investigation will uncover what really happened when the Obama administration attempted to sway foreign elections….

Numerous conversations between foreign diplomats were released, outlining current political tampering by the Obama administration’s State Department. This included using hard-working taxpayer’s money to go directly to support far-left causes in Albania, Latin America, Macedonia, and all the way to Africa….

The newest finds prove efforts by the Obama administration to directly send taxpayer money to Israeli organizations that openly opposed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the country’s most recent election.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones