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Preparing the Way of the Lord

Jul 21, 2017

Please be in prayer for our friends, Sean and Paul, as they make a long 8-day journey "to destroy webs of darkness entangled around the great lake region and to clear the spiritual atmosphere around the Great lake region."

Sean leads the Wednesday evening prayer meeting that I attend each week. I am certain that their prayer journey will also prepare the way for our Tabernacles conference in October.

Here is their first report:

To Family and Friends,                                                               7-21-2017

Name of the journey is: ”Prepare the way of the Lord” supporting scripture Isaiah 35:5-10.

The Lord’s purpose for the trip is to destroy webs of darkness entangled around the great lake region and to clear the spiritual atmosphere around the Great lake region. To prepare the way of the Lord. Get the Great Lake region to be in a place to be ready for the will of God to be experienced.

Sending out a note to inform about our ministry trip and ask for your prayer for our journey and assignments along the way.

Last night an angel visited us as we stopped on border of Iowa and Missouri to pray. The message from the angel was one of encouragement to listen to the Lord for His directions and that the Lord had angels posted on the trip to assist in our ministry. We received this encouragement.

We started yesterday and are currently in St Louis MO. We are doing an outreach this evening on one of the most violent corners in St Louis there is a person murdered each day near this corner. Temperature today 101, 106 tomorrow. We will also be going to the police precinct to pray for the police officers, this afternoon.

The Lord has given us specific directions about the outreach tonight.

We are staying with Pastor Charles Ewing at his home and he is a good cook he made us an awesome breakfast.  He is the uncle of Michal Brown the person who was shot in Ferguson a few years ago.

We travel from here to Moravian falls, North Carolina then to Patterson New Jersey to the Resting place house of prayer and in New York will be staying in Long Island at the New York School of ministry. We will be stopping in Harlem for an outreach. Then North to Rochester New York, stopping by Niagara Falls.

Then into Canada to Toronto where we will stop, then to Windsor over the border to Detroit. We will be stopping in Detroit at the House of Helps to connect with Ray, Toni, Mark and Kay.

From Detroit we will be stopping briefly in Chicago to See Pastor Charles and Kay. Then we will be headed back to St Paul and do all this in 8 days and be back in the twin cities Friday evening.

Pray for protection and safe travel. Pray for clear line of communication from Lord to hear clearly his directives, that there is a witness of understanding, and quickness to obey.

Thank you for your prayers. If you get any scriptures or insights be sure to share.

Sean and Paul

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