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Jul 20, 2017

Two weeks ago I posted a video showing the death-bed confession of an ex-CIA agent, who confessed to blowing up Building 7 a few hours after the Twin Towers were demolished. That link was removed for some reason, but I found a similar post here.


Now the Washington Post is reporting that President Trump is ending US support for the Syrian rebels (i.e., branches of ISIS). This effectively ends US efforts to unseat Syrian president Assad and is sure to gain strong opposition from the warmongers of Babylon.


But the greatest warmonger of them all, the senator who, along with his father, has been tied to the Mafia for many decades, is now diagnosed with aggressive form of brain cancer.


He will probably not live long enough for justice to catch up with him. But since he has been leading the war efforts in support of ISIS, even posing in pictures with “rebels” who were said to be ISIS leaders, it seems more than coincidental that his diagnosis comes at the same time that Trump announces an end to US support of ISIS.


As the NY Times article above shows, it was also discovered that one ISIS member had actually named himself after McCain.

Of course, no one in government wants to admit that the US government was in bed with ISIS or that a US senator was friends with ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi—or any ISIS member, for that matter. But the fact remains that ISIS has been fighting with US weaponry provided at least indirectly by the US government which has pretended to support “moderate” rebels. Labels are seldom accurate, but they do make it “legal” for the government to do otherwise illegal things.


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones