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Final Field Report from Sean and Paul

Aug 05, 2017


A general note: NYC is the place in early development of nation that many immigrated through Ellis Island, NYC is the seed of our nation, and it is where our national capital first was established. NYC is the place that financial markets were started. NYC is one of key spiritual gates to our country.

There were hidden key leaders, ministers of darkness that as the country was being developed, they sought the darkness for their own personal gain of power, wealth and the expansion of Satan’s demonic agenda. They had insights to high levels of witchcraft that had been passed down through the ages. They sought to claim and usurp the things of God as our country was in its infancy.

A key demonic strategy was and is to have a form of godliness but without power. These ministers of darkness through necromantic counsels got revelations and downloads from fallen angels on how to put webs and entanglements of darkness over our country.

At this time in history the Lord is using people in cities around this country and around the globe to remove these dark webs of entanglement that are holding the disciples and believers in Jesus in a very limited place of His Glory.

The time for awakening is coming, the Lord is removing from the body of Christ blindness, deafness, dumbness, and numbed sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Jesus the captain of the heavenly hosts and angels is releasing angelic armies as people around the globe are being shown the keys to the locks of darkness holding cities, regions and nations in bondage.

Jesus is giving His followers the keys to unlock the darkness and release the light of His Kingdom. In the book of Acts, when Ananias and Saffira were taken out as they lied to the Holy Spirit, at the foundation of this movement of God there could be no compromise. God is looking for those who will not compromise and remain true to the commission of heaven.

This trip and other ministry trips we go where the Lord directs us, and we read the scriptures He gives us. We work as a team operating with the need to have independent witness of two or three. The process is simple and at times can be very challenging; hearing the voice of the Lord, seeking wisdom and understanding, then being obedient to carry out the directives of the Lord.

New York City

NYC was a key focus of our trip. There were deliberate compromises with the founding of our country. When George Washington was being sworn in they had a Bible for him to swear in on, but he insisted to have people wait 90 minutes in the rain until someone could go to his house and get his masonic bible to be sworn in on. The Lord wanted to deal with this and other compromises with darkness in the founding of our country.

The other part was at Wall Street to deal with the corrupt start of the financial district Wall Street. Wall Street was originally where the Trump building stands. Wall Street was approximately a block long. They built a wall to protect themselves from pirates and marauders who might steal their wares as they traded on Wall Street.

As the country was being developed there came a need to have a mechanism to trade investments, as companies were starting and there were various systems of auctioning and trading. The formation of the Wall Street group known as the Button tree group formed the start of Wall Street as we know it today. It was an exclusive group of the wealthiest, and a substantial fee was required to be in the group. If you were not in the group, your trade fees would be more expensive.

Then a group of leaders saw an opportunity to take from the local Native Americans and massacred the Indianans in the area. A few escaped to tell what happened. This then required the Wall Street group to build more walls to secure a small fort to protect them from the Indians.

The Lord in both cases wanted to deal with the roots of corruption, in government and in the finances of our country, specifically the god of mammon.

We entered NYC and drove to Central Park to our first assignment location—the Museum of History and the Needle of Cleopatra.  This is a tall obelisk recovered from Alexandria, Egypt (5,200 years old). There was a pair at the temple in Egypt. One was sent and placed in London, England and the other in NYC. We prayed and released the scriptures given by the Holy Spirit. Eight Scriptures for the 8 cardinal points of the monolith and the scripture in 1st John, offering to confirm the Authority of our Creator.

Then on to the NYC School of Ministry and checking in. Sean reacquainted with Randy and synced up immediately from their last conversation. Randy is a minister who understands the time and season we are in. The next morning we were off to our assignment on Wall Street.

First the statue commemorating the inauguration of George Washington and the founding of our nation. We read the scriptures given us there, including in James, then went to the founding location of the Stock market, 40 Wall Street, now the Trump building. We did our Spiritual assignment there, finishing with planting a key and offering per 1st John.

The Lord directed us to go to the three founding churches in this area to pray for these churches; St Paul church Episcopal, Trinity church Episcopal, and St Peter church Catholic. As we went we were led to minister to homeless people gathered around these churches. There were 8 stops of ministry around these three churches.

Note the Lord was doing a dual ministry ministering to the people on the street, but also ministering in the Spirit to the body of Christ. We would sit down with them and listen to their story of how they ended up on the street. Then we would ask them what was the miracle that they wanted God to do today?

Evelund and Terry’s story

As we hit the streets of south Manhattan; witnessing first to Evelund and Terry, destitute on the street. We encouraged them, prayed, and contributed to the immediate financial need. We prayed for Evelund to healed of her asthma. They recently lost their apartment and with the opportunity for work could quickly be back on their feet. They were optimistic that the time on the street would be short.

Chris and Rebekah’s story

Then went up the street to Trinity Church, read the Scriptures given us by the Holy Spirit and  ministered to another couple on the street, Chris and Rebekah.  Chris needed a job and had an interview lined up for that week on Friday. His ankle had been broken since February and needed healing since it hadn’t healed properly and very little weight could be put on it without a tremendous amount of pain. We prayed and the Lord did not disappoint. He was miraculously healed before our eyes, and excitement was loosed in all of us. Chris’s arch reformed and the swelling went back to normal. He walked carefully then found out that his foot was totally healed and in great excitement started letting loose many curses (his street language). The presence of the Lord came powerfully and also touched Rebekah. Chris shared that it was the best 30 second church that he ever attended.

We felt the intercession from Holy Spirit was for the lame body of Christ to be able to walk again and get busy to be employed by work of Our heavenly Father.

David’s Story

David was a hunchback with narcolepsy. His legs were misshaped, he had scoliosis, his spine was rotated 60 degrees and he had a large hump on his back the size of some one’s head. He could not stand up straight with this condition he was forced to walk hunched over.

As we started ministering to him, we broke off judgments, condemnation, and curses that had been released over David. The Lord brought his touch to the issue of narcolepsy, the Lord was ministering to his family blood line. Then we asked him to stand up and he shared that he was about 10% better. Then I saw a demon wrapped around his spinal cord and woven between every vertebrae. The Lord brought deliverance from this demon; then the Lord came with healing, and we felt the bones moving and popping and clicking as we continued to pray for his back.  The hump on his back receded, and the bones and structure of his back were reformed. We saw his countenance rise as he stood up straight for the first time in his life. The process of healing was released, and as we removed our hands, the miraculous work of the Lord was continuing. 

We felt that as David was receiving ministry, the Holy Spirit was ministering to the body of Christ awakening deliverance from narcolepsy; also, the main point we felt was that the current body of Christ needed to be reformed, as David’s back did not just need healing from an injury, but needed to be reformed. The Lord is restoring the posture of the church to look heavenward and not to be distracted and looking down at earthly things. We sense that there is great freedom and release of destiny coming to the body of Christ.

Paul’s Story

Our next witness was to Paul, an ex-navy man recently divorced and crushed by the enemy. We sowed encouragement, and hope rose up as we prayed for him. There was a release of great encouragement and that help was on the way. During our time of ministry, a person stopped and shared that he had resources to help vets. This greatly lifted Paul’s spirit. The presence of the Lord came and he began to weep. We believe great sorrow and pain were leaving as the tears came.

We sensed that the lost the forgotten will receive great heavenly resources to empower them from situations of great sorrow and loss. The Lord has not forgotten them, and he has not left them. He is waiting for some in the family of God to bring them gifts from heaven.

Larry’s Story

Larry was our next witness opportunity. He was 34 years old went to school to be an audio engineer, but this didn’t work out. He felt he disappointed his parents, as he had been adopted. Confused by a need to stand on his own, needing a hand up and having Jewish adoptive parents, we told him to go home like the prodigal son and he would be received. Larry had some deep seated lies that was keeping this very capable person in bondage to the streets. He felt he had to pull himself up by the boot straps. He has no boots or boot straps. He needs the help that his parents can give him. We sensed by the Holy Spirt that his parents will be greatly excited to hear from him and will with great joy give him the needed resources to get back on his feet.

We sense the Lord is calling the prodigal church back to Father God. There are beliefs in many lies that are keeping us (the church) from receiving many great and good gifts from above. Lies like we don’t deserve them, lies like we must earn this gifts from heaven, lies like we are not good enough. A short time later we checked where he was and his card board mat was there and along with some of his trinkets, but Larry was gone. He left shortly thereafter and we know that he took the truth and wisdom that the Holy Spirit released

Evelyn and Ashma story

Next we ministered to two women. Evelyn was a lady that was a bit “touched” mentally, but had joy. Ashma was also struggling with her identity and also struggling mentally. We encouraged, and both were open for prayer. Evelyn, who acted crazy, seemed that she was not approachable but was open for prayer. I saw her earlier in the day and saw she was manifesting a few demons. We prayed for the Lord’s peace to reign in her life.

Chuck’s story

We then met Chuck, a highly gifted artist, who had been on the streets about 7 months. He wanted to offer something for what he was asking and had drawn a very intricate flower on a piece of cardboard. We encouraged him into his destiny, discussed his future helping the destitute, and Sean later called Randy at the school of ministry to get them connected, so the next step in Chuck’s destiny could be realized.

We sensed for the church that the season has changed, the promise of His scripture that what the enemy meant for bad God is turning for good for those that know him and are called according to his purpose. In this time on the street Chuck was being prepared for a very powerful ministry to those on the streets. Chuck has great creative ideas and strategies to be able to minister to those on the streets….

Thank You!!!

In general hearing the stories of the streets, God has his hand on these homeless people. With the very rough living conditions, it is a miracle that they survive and live day to day. There are many stories of how the shelters are not very safe or a good place to stay. One person shared as they were sleeping a crazy person was trying to steal the shoes off their feet as they slept in the shelter. 

It was a day that anything could happen. I wanted to track down wheel chair bound people and blind people to have the Lord touch and heal them. When we got out of parking garage earlier in the day, a weird experience happened. We were standing talking about logistics to get from here to there. This sensation came over us; it was like the world shifted and we stood still.

We sensed a very affirmative confirmation to the things in the spirit being confirmed in very dramatic and miraculous ways on the street. Thanks to all who prayed, shared and encouraged. We thank the Lord for allowing us to participate with the works of heaven here on earth. 

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