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Field reports from Sean and Paul

Jul 22, 2017

Sean and Paul are on an 8-day prayer journey/assignment.

For ministry team,                                                     7-22-2017

My heavenly workmen. Today as you travel great destruction will be happening to the demonic realm. You will be tearing up and bringing destruction to many ancient paths and structures of darkness.

Yay God! That is awesome thank you that we get to be a part of this heavenly work.

I will show things of the spirit realm as you travel.

Take note I am teaching you and showing you things, this is also a time of schooling. The things and patterns of the spirit that I showed you in Hannibal are and were valuable insights and lessons that were important revelations for St Louis and Ferguson that you implemented yesterday.

Thank you Lord that we are invited to have the privilege of being students being taught your ways and how things work in the spiritual realm. Help us to focus and to take note.

Today I will show you things similar to Hannibal. How things of darkness work and how they influence and how they try to control and manipulate cities. It hard to demonstrate this in large cities. As you travel through the country today I will be teaching and showing you how these things work. Take note pay attention. Keep you focus and attention heaven ward.

I have a significant heavenly army with you. There is a Raphael and his troops to watch over you. There are troops that will pull off to do My work as you speak out agreement here on earth as it is heaven.

Michael and his troops are warring in the heavens as you travel. Gabriel and his troops are keeping communication lines open.

Encourage team members and friends to pray this will increase the anointing and your strength and the strength of the angels. This is a team work of My body. Share these things as you travel.

You are be My apostolic prophets speaking the things of heaven here on earth as you travel. Be ready, be focused. Stay in My Spirit. Do not get distracted.

I am with you. All heaven rejoices with the faith, the perseverance of your obedience. Your greatest challenge today will be to stay focused.

I love you and delight in you.

Your heavenly Father.


Today we received confirmation of the verdict from the divine court that the true Sons of God have been given authority, and the counterfeit sons of God have been evicted and bound.

This was accompanied by confirmation in regard to provision for the Open Door ministry, as someone provided the means to get started on the trips ahead. The envelope was posted July 18, which is when we answered the appeal (9:30 pm July 17). The trips to the Philippines and Cambodia in late October and November are now funded.


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