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Field Report #6 from Sean and Paul

Jul 28, 2017

NYC Assignment Tuesday July 25th

Part 1

Today is the day; I will put in place the legal case to bring destruction to the corrupt financial market and banking. More importantly than this; is to bring destruction to the structure of the god of mammon, the destruction to this throne of the god of mammon and the supporting structure that goes across this country, which has captured the hearts of My followers. Money and the pursuit of temporal things has secured a place in hell for many of My followers.

Note: Sean, you were wondering about the followers, they are not believers. Note in my word that there are followers, believers and disciples. These are the three basic positions of faith....

The collapse of this demonic structure will create the vulnerability needed. Without the demonic structure controlling and supporting the financial system, the markets with only human management and control will quickly fall apart.

I desire a just system, an equitable system that I the God of the heavens am invited into to support and give guidance to. One that will serve this country with a robust financial system and give many people with business and creative opportunities an avenue to bring their ideas to the market place.

The current is system is corrupted beyond repair, it must be dismantled. People must see that the financial system is falling apart so that new plans can be made to implement a system that is equitable and stable.

This is the primary reason for My appointment of Trump. He is to help guide, so that under his leadership I can permit this new banking system and financial market to be developed.

My hand is upon this country. In spite of all of its sin and corruption. This country is My New Jerusalem of the west. America and its greatness has been realized through being a place of refuge for the lost, the broken, and the abandoned.

The blessings of America rests in its helping the least of these throughout history. The diversity and the creativity reside in the nations that have come to the shores of America. A great blessing rests on the nations that have come to America.

There will be many false prophecies about this nation. I the God of the heavens love this nation. It has been a generous and a loving nation. I am not through with this nation. This nation has a great and noble destiny yet to be fulfilled.

Part 2

Assignment: Today I will use put in motion the very things I need so that in My timing I can orchestrate My heavenly plan. I need you to be My door knob and lock set to open and close doors.

Pay close attention to follow My instructions carefully. Go first to the George Washington monument on Walls Street and repent for the intentional open door to this compromise of My word and the door of darkness that was opened at the foundation of this country.

The enemy has used the masonic plots and schemes to compromise My will and purposes for this nation, like the compromise of Ananias and Sapphira. This has the appearance of good, but yet is a deep compromise with darkness.

Close this door that was opened at the foundation. Open My door of righteousness and correct judgement. Read the scriptures that the Holy Spirit will guide you into. You are on track with this insight.

Next go to Wall Street where the financial markets began. Study the history to confirm the unrighteous start. Do not get stuck, My Spirit will confirm and guide you. I want you to think and consider the start, the seed.

I will use you to shut this door of corruption and release My judgement of equity and equal measures. They have violated the law of equal measures. It is no longer an equitable financial system; it is corrupt and it must be returned to an equitable and a just system.

These two key assignments will put in place the needed doors that I will use to implement My plan to remove corruption from both systems; the banking and the financial market system. More importantly through this process I will be able to touch the hearts of My people.

You cannot serve God and mammon. These two open doors will give legal entrance for My Spirt to occupy and displace the darkness in both the political system and the financial system.

Another part of this assignment is the removing of the webs that allow My people to remain in darkness, these must also be removed. This is critical for when the corrupt systems start to fall apart. The true gospel of the Kingdom of God cannot be received until the demonic encumbrances have been removed. Clear and correct messages of truth with love must be sent to restore and release My people from bondage and slavery to this god of mammon.

The trip back to St Paul is vital for the removal of these demonic webs and hindrances that have been put in place.

Look at key natural places like the dam assignment on Mississippi what I did there. It is a similar pattern at the Niagara Falls so look for geographic clues to what the enemy has done there.

A spiritual key of this nation is the water and river ways. Just as it was in the days of old it is true today whoever controls the water controls a significant navigational aspect in the spiritual realm. The demonic and dark side knows this.

Few followers recognize the importance of the environment. The parable of the sower is a key to all of My teaching though the parables. The correct environment produces great fruit.

There is plenty to do today. Plan the day, do your research, get input and when you to do, then it is time to roll. Turn off your cell phones; if people have not shared by the time you need to leave, go; if there is anything missing I will provide it.

I will use as many or as few who are willing. Know this, I use the ones who show up in spite of any of their inadequacies that they might have.

You saw angels all through New York. Yes the city is secured. The keys that I have given both of you will set in motion citywide, national and global changes. More importantly it will set an eternal plan in motion that will save many in this generation and generations to come.

You have a reservoir of time use it wisely. There is still much work to be done after this assignment today.

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