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Field Report #5 from Sean and Paul

Jul 27, 2017


Headed to Detroit today. Much warfare around confusion.

My laptop screen not working typed up. Things to send out today screen went black.

Short story is completed assignment. On this assignment in Toronto, the Lord is dealing with these issues in Great Lake region: compromise and lies, fear and confusion, religious spirit, and false humility.

Then Lord wanted to replace with faith, clarity, Spirit of God and true humility.

We had much help from Minnesota!

Thank you.

Today Lord has us traveling to Detroit to meet a key team of ministers who are on line with the Lord.

One of most powerful teams we have met.

The Lord has one assignment for us today in Detroit. We hope meet with pastor Ray also.

Enemy warring hard in area of confusion and disorder. Also working offense and division.

Thank you in advance your  prayers and input are extremely valuable.

Sean and Paul 

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones