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Field Report #4 from Sean and Paul

Jul 26, 2017


Yesterday was a day of incredible work of God's hand. Need to write this up in detail. The Lord directed our steps in assignment at George Washington statue at the original national capital. Then went to Trump building, the original site of Wall Street. The Lord came powerfully. Then the Lord led us to pray for 3 founding churches in NYC.

We followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and dramatic miracles happened to 12 people. One was David, a young man begging who had scoliosis and deformed back with large hump. He shared that his back was rotated 60 degrees.

As we ministered The Lord supernaturally reconstructed his back. Revelation of demonic spirit encircling spine was shown to us. The Lord delivered him from the evil spirit, which released profound healing. David stood up straight and his whole countenance changed. We were all very excited. There was also intercession by Holy Spirit for the church to be restructured. David was also delivered of narcolepsy. The Holy Spirit was ministering to the church to be also delivered of narcolepsy. We could feel bones move, loud sounds of bones shifting and popping as healing came.

Seems the Lord is sending us to the Toronto airport area near where Toronto outpouring happened by a river area to deal with confusion in Great Lake region. We are in Toronto looking for some help!

Thanks in advance.

Sean and Paul

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