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Field Report #3 from Sean and Paul

Jul 24, 2017

On Prayer Mountain

While we were on Prayer Mountain the Lord added a stop in Washington DC that was not on our radar. The Lord is being specific. He wants to deal with the 3 key idols that have captured the hearts of His Believers.

The Lord shared:

There are coming great changes to this country. I the Lord am raising people up and putting them in key positions who will build My Ekklesia.

I am doing a new thing, it will be a similar pattern to the first century, but it is new. The past gives clues and patterns of what is to come.

Know this it will not be the same. I like that you recognize when you are close to the mark and know you need to adjust. This is a very good habit and discipline. In these cases seek Me and I will answer.

I do want you to stop briefly in Washington DC at the National monument, (the national idol).

I am removing the demonic power behind the major idols in this country. When the demonic structure supporting these idols are removed they will quickly crumble.

Focus on Washington. I will give you the scriptures. I will guide you in each place. I need you to focus on the place you’ are at, one assignment at a time.

There will be those supporting you that will help fill in some things that you will need.

Focus on what are the 3 key idols that have captured the hearts of My people and what scriptures that I would want you to release.

Get ready and go I will be with you. I will go before you.  [END of report]

This is some feedback from the Home front:

The three idols Randy immediately listed were pride, lust and greed.

The verse we submit as an antidote is 1 Timothy 6:6 "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

Blessings as you Prepare the Way of the Lord!
Randy & Linda

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