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Field Report #2 from Sean and Paul

Jul 24, 2017

Sean and Paul are on an 8-day assignment, a prayer/prophetic journey. Here is my second posting from their report:

Moravian Falls early in morning 7-23-17

As we pulled in to the Moravian camp ground and got ready to sleep outside on the ground, the Lord shared that we had angels encamped all around us.

I got sleeping bag and my air mattress ready and Paul was already a sleep. An angel came and said come to the end of the road there I have a message from God for you to receive and share.

So grabbed my note book and went to the end of the dirt road. There was an angel towering over the 40 foot pine trees.

He said his name is “An aspect of the light of glory of God”, He shared he has a heavenly name he said I could call him Bob or Robert.

He reminded me that I needed to get an USB cord for the portable printer. So that we could print and leave this message From God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit:

This is a year of preparation for My forerunners, My seedlings of the Kingdom of God to break through the boundaries and limitations that have been imposed upon the Body of Christ.

Many believers have been led astray. By many things; idolatry, traditions, false teachings. The enemy has infiltrated the God’s church. I, God want My church, My ekklesia back.

I, Jesus, want My church back. My church, My ekklesia is defined as ones who listen to the voice of the good shepherd and will not listen to another voice.

I, Jesus, am restoring My church, My ekklesia, this is defined by the ones who desire to hear the voice of God, are diligent to seek, and will obey.

Hearing the Lord communicate to you is a key part of defining you as a follower of Jesus Christ, you are not a mature follower if you do not hear the communications of God.

The Lord communicates in many different ways to each person on this planet earth, whether they acknowledge God or not. I speak to every person on this planet.

I Father God, I Jesus, and I Holy Spirit speak to some in in thoughts, to some in images, to some in feelings, to some in visions, to some in dreams, to some in impressions, to some by what they sense, there are many ways, there are not limits on the way and how this communication happens. In all circumstances of Life the One true God is speaking to everyone.

I the God of the heavens am not limited on how I might speak to someone. I speak to each person in a way that they will receive heavenly information that is outside of themselves.

I am raising up pioneers to break through spiritual barriers and limits put in place by forces of darkness. These webs and entanglements are being removed. This will allow heavens communications to be heard clearly.

I, the Lord am raising up pioneers to blaze heavenly trails and paths to open up heavens communication lines so that Gods people can hear His voice clearly.

I am putting a call, an invitation to the pioneers to come, hear from heaven and assist in this work of opening the blind eyes, and unstopping the deaf ears. To free the minds and hearts to understand and feel the heartbeat of heaven.

Sean Morrissey, Paul Svenkeson

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