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Jul 12, 2017

The theme of the conference is Turning the Hearts, based on the Elijah/Elisha calling found in 1 Kings 18:37 and Luke 1:17. This theme should be viewed also in terms of Matthew 17:11, where Elias (Elijah) was called to “restore all things.” Elijah did his part with the single portion of the anointing, but Elisha now comes to finish the job with the double portion. In my view, Elisha is a company of people, not a single individual.

On another topic, we plan to rent a shuttle van for short trips to the Duluth airport (not the airport in Minneapolis) and from the hotels to the meeting room. Others will have cars to assist in transportation as well.

Since our conferences are open to the public, it is likely that some of the local church people will be attending the conference. Be on your best behavior and please don’t be a zealot. Remember that hearts are turned, not by truth alone, but by truth in love.

I will add this information to yesterday’s weblog, so that if you run off a copy, you will have these additions in a single article.

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