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Third biblical novel now available

Jun 01, 2017

My-Father's-Tear-Spiral-Glow-Transp.pngThe third novel is now finished and available. The print shop delivered them to me this morning. It is entitled My Father’s Tear, which is the name I gave to David’s harp. The Bible does not tell us how David’s harp was built—or by whom—so I thought I should tell you the real story!

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I am also making a slight change on the covers of the first two books in this series. I am calling the series by the overall title, The Anava Chronicles. Book 1 is Light from the Crack; Book 2 is Through Timeless Mountains. Book 3 is My Father’s Tear.

All of these are now posted for reading and can be ordered from the store here:


I have decided not to post these chapter by chapter as weblogs. You can read the entire book online.

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