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Signs of the Times

Jun 27, 2017

LUCIFER damaged by heat from forest fire

The first sign is that a wildfire is burning at Mount Graham in Arizona and is threatening the Vatican’s telescope known as L.U.C.I.F.E.R.


As far as signs go, this has to be a good sign for us, though bad for all Luciferian promoters.

Global Reset Launched on June 11, 2017

The second sign is that on June 16 the one claiming to be King Of Recognized Asset Nations (K.O.R.A.N.) in the Philippines says that he gave orders to launch the global currency reset on June 11, 2017. He is identified as Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV, with codename TVM-LSM-666. He is from the Philippines. I have tracked him for many years.

I am sure that most of the world’s gold and wealth is physically located in the Philippines, and what is not there is legally owned by men in the Philippines. Because he is connected to the United Nations and other beast organizations, it is not surprising that his codename would include a 666. But keep in mind that 666 is a biblical code for gold itself (2 Chronicles 9:13), which can be used for either good or evil.


“We have the assets that matured back in 2005…

“This was the 60-year loan agreement that did mature. The bilateral Trilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Agreement in 1950. We are now officially launching the global reset of the monetary systems of the Central Banks of Central Banks. This agreed by the whole world. Agreed by presidents and premiers, kings and queens, princes and princesses of the whole world, and all the (34) regulatory and bureaus and commissions….

“We are now formatting the global ECOSOC under Articles 51, 53, and 63. So, in passing, we are ready, willing, and able to bankroll The Millennium Centurion Bank of the World using the global asset.

“This is your chairman. It’s my whole directive to the whole world. I believe we have already delivered this message to you and to the whole world. I thank you, to all of you.”

Comment: I have no way of verifying any of this, but I consider this to be an important development in world history, whether for good or for evil. In other words, they have their own vision, plan, and agenda, but they do not realize that God has a Kingdom counterplan. The 60-year loan agreement in 1950 would have ended in 2010, which was a very important prophetic year that I wrote about nearly three years ago on June 30, 2014. Here is what I wrote:

The year 2010 is:

13 x 210 years from the fall of Samaria (721 B.C.)

7 x 390 years from the fall of Samaria (721 B.C.)

6 x 490 years from the start of the Divided Kingdom (931 B.C.)

So we see that the year 2010 opened a whole new sequence of historical events that are transforming the nations even now. Mystery Babylon rules by the power of money, and in 2010 their grip on money-power began to be loosed when the member nations of the IMF decided to “reform” the power structure to dislodge the US government from its absolute grip on power. Of course, the US government has resisted this, causing a financial war between East and West. This war continues to the present time.


It is also of interest (if you read the rest of the link) that this global reset will be implemented, using the blockchain technology through Ethereum, which is a so-called “crypto-currency.” Ethereum is the second largest crypto after Bitcoin. These, and perhaps a few more of them, are here to stay, and I believe that they will be the digital currency of the future. They cannot be controlled by the big banks, so this represents a major shift in financial power from the Babylonian system to that of the Kings of the east.

Banks Going Bankrupt

The third sign over the weekend is a further development in the banking crisis in Europe.


Last Friday, June 23, 2017 the European Central Bank declared two large banks to be insolvent and ordered them to be sold.

When banks fail and regulators decide to liquidate them, it happens on Friday evening so that there is a weekend to clean up the mess. And this is what happened in Italy – with two banks!

It’s over for the two banks that have been prominent zombies in the Italian banking crisis: Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza, in northeastern Italy….

 JP Morgan, which had been recruited to save the Italian banks, threw in the towel. These banks had been zombies for too long. Everybody knew it. But the government kept denying it.

Just weeks ago, Italy’s Minister of Economy Pier Carlo Padoan insisted that the two banks would not be wound down. Last year, to dispel the mountain of evidence to the contrary, he insisted that there would be no need of any future bail outs; and that, furthermore, Italy did not even have a banking problem.

On Monday, the ECB broke its own rule by allowing the Italian government to bail out the banks so that depositors do not lose their money. Stockholders will lose.

What is yet to be seen is how these bank failures will affect other banks in Europe. Banks were all tied together many years ago like ships in a storm. These two banks were not the largest banks in Italy (which are also teetering on the brink of disaster), but when conditions are this bad, it only takes a small crisis to bring down everyone else.

When banks or governments assure you that all is well, you can never believe them. They never admit a problem, because to do so would cause a panic. They have no credibility, because up to the time of the bank failure, they always insist that all is well.

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