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Perspective on prophetic events

Jun 28, 2017

In yesterday’s weblog I reported on one of the claimants to the position of “owner” of the world assets. He goes by the codename White Spiritual Boy. There are many who claim the same thing, so it is quite confusing and perhaps impossible to know for certain who is and who is not telling the truth.

My source tells me that there are FOUR who claim the codename White Spiritual Boy. Beyond that, Neil Keenan claims that Dr. Edy Seno Soekanto of Indonesia is the actual owner of the accounts.


This claim perhaps has greater credibility, since Edy’s father is the late President Soekarno of Indonesia, who is known to have been given ownership of the World Collateral Accounts in 1947. He was overthrown later after conspiring with President Kennedy to issue US Notes to replace the Federal Reserve Notes in 1963. This agreement was known as the Green Hilton Agreement, signed in Switzerland just nine days before the Kennedy assassination. The CIA overthrew President Soekarno in 1965.

I don’t think that either of these drastic events would have taken place if Soekarno had been an imposter. The Babylonian power brokers obviously took him very seriously.

There is also the matter of the “grandfather,” who actually controls the gold and other assets that are to be used in the overthrow of the Babylonian system and the establishment of the age to come. I have heard that there are actually about 20 grandfathers.

We have to understand that the real power brokers behind the scenes are reclusive figures who do not want to be known to the public or to the history books. They have many layers of protection and security, so that few people know who or where they are. They use proxies to confuse those who would try to kill them, just as politicians use doubles. The whole thing is based on deception for security purposes.

NBC ran a special on television shortly after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, showing that Hussein had four doubles. Years earlier, a news special reporting on the Reagan assassination attempt told how President Reagan’s double used to walk around in plain sight before a news conference, so that if anyone wanted to kill him, he would only kill the double, not the real Reagan.

So when you see a politician making a speech or walking around in public, you can never be sure if he or she is the real deal. We know that Hillary Clinton used doubles, which is how she was able to be healed so quickly on September 11, 2016 after collapsing in New York.

In the end, nothing will remain hidden. All will be revealed, and then you will know that the Kingdom of God has really overthrown MYSTERY (secret) Babylon. The Kingdom of God will not need to be secretive, nor will it retain power through fear, but through love.

Deeper in the background is the darker side of the power struggle that dates back to Genesis 6:4. The descendants of the Nephilim are still seeking to take over the earth and to usurp that which is owned by the Creator.

Revelation 16:12 tells us that Babylon will be overthrown by the “kings from the east” as a parallel to the manner in which old Babylon was overthrown by Cyrus and Darius in Daniel 5:31. Both of these kings were types of Christ, although neither of them knew the God of the Bible—at least not in their early years. In fact, they represented the second beast empire, that of Medo-Persia, which was depicted in Daniel 7:5 as a BEAR.

The bear was the dominant prophetic manifestation in those days, while Christ and His Kingdom remained in the shadows as a prophetic type. But now that all four beast empires have run their course, and the second Babylonian empire too has come in the form of Mystery Babylon, we are now repeating the pattern. Mystery Babylon (or the second Babylon) is being overthrown by the second beast, no longer called Medo-Persia, but referred to as “the kings from the east.”

Those presently overthrowing Mystery Babylon are not believers in Christ any more than Cyrus or Darius knew the God of the Bible. However, this time there is an important difference. The first time, even though these kings were types of Christ, in the end they had to play out their dominant roles as part of the BEAR empire. But today, even though they will start out as a second BEAR, they will soon have to give way to the dominant role assigned to them in prophecy—the Kingdom of Christ.

There will be an interim of chaos and change between the overthrow of Babylon and the establishment of the Kingdom. That interim will manifest as the second BEAR. But the bear’s kingdom has already had its day in the ancient past. This time, Christ will rule the earth with the overcomers.

The point is that I do not expect the kings from the east to be good guys, at least not at the present time. In fact, the “dragon families” lay claim to being descended from Nephilim. That is why they use the dragon as their metaphor. They claim to be benevolent. I hope that is so, but I cannot trust them to have the same definition of benevolence that applies to Christ’s Kingdom.

Nonetheless, after the interim, which will last for an unknown period of time, the Kingdom will be established. In my view, there will be a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will make the difference. God is presently using the “kings from the east” to overthrow Babylon and to set us free from its system of hidden slavery and oppression. But He is using non-believing “vessels of dishonor” to accomplish this dirty work. He is saving the overcomers for a greater, more positive work.

We are getting close now to the overthrow of Babylon. I have said since September 2013 that this overthrow would be accomplished from 2014-2017. However, the overthrow of Babylon is not the final scenario, for this merely leads us into the interim of the second BEAR. I believe this will also signal the start of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but it will take some time for the overcomers to replace the bear with the Stone Kingdom. How long? I do not know.

At some point, too, we will see the coming of Christ and the fulfillment of the autumn feast days. At what point in all of this will these feasts be fulfilled? Jesus did not tell us, and so I do not want to venture a guess. If it happens at the start of this interim period, then the overcomers will do the work with the fulness of power. If it happens later, then the overcomers will have an increased level of spiritual power that is sufficient to do what they are called to do. Either way, the overcomers win.

God has empowered His enemies (like Pharaoh) in order to show His power in all of the earth (Romans 9:17). To manifest His power against a weak enemy is nothing. He must strengthen His enemies in order to show that He is far more powerful. After all, could I receive glory if I boasted at my ability to kill an ant? What if I killed a full-grown young lion?

So it was in the days of Moses, and so it is today.

The overcomers were given authority in the divine court in October of 2014. We have already exercised that authority to some extent in various court cases. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit will not only see miracles of healing and provision, but also other signs and wonders that pertain to the overthrow of the bear/beast. We are coming into an unprecedented time, and we are privileged to be alive in this day.

So continue to prepare for this, and have hope/expectation, because a new age of the Kingdom is on the horizon.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones