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Is the Vatican now exposing its heart?

Jun 10, 2017

In last century, Albert Pike, an avowed Luciferian, became the head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Although Freemasonry was publicly outlawed by the Vatican, there is disturbing evidence that it was actually controlled by the Vatican, at least since the late 1700’s, if not before.

Washington D.C., for instance, was constructed in the 1790’s by a French Catholic Freemason, L’Enfante, who designed it in honor of Venus. Venus’s biblical name is Lucifer.

We are now coming to a climax of history, when Luciferians are making their move to unveil their god as the true god. According to them, Lucifer was either the older brother of Jesus, or Jesus’ father. They say Lucifer was cast out of heaven unjustly, and that Jesus is the usurper who replaced him.

Some years ago, I first took notice of Luciferian influence when I heard about the Vatican’s big telescope on Mount Graham. It was named L.U.C.I.F.E.R., an acronym for Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research. Someone really had to work hard to come up with this acronym, but it must have been important to them to name it LUCIFER.


The name was shortened to LUCI in 2012, probably so that its connection to Lucifer would not be so obvious. See also:


The question, of course, was just how serious the Vatican took Lucifer. Was this just some ignorant humor, or was it evidence of something deeper?

Then at the 2012 and/or 2013 Easter ceremony in the Vatican, the cantor sang praise to Lucifer at the ceremony elevating two popes to sainthood.



The lyric of the song, to which all sang: AMEN, is translated from Latin this way:

His flame dawning His own creation,
May I say, O Lucifer, who knows no setting,
Christ is your Son, who came back from the dead
And shed His peaceful light to the human race,
And is alive and reigns forever and ever.

There is a certain amount of plausible deniability built into this, of course. They could always argue that the reference to Lucifer is just a metaphor for Venus, and by extension, the light-bearer (phos-phorus in Greek). But to say that Lucifer is the creator and that “Christ is your Son,” puts Lucifer as the parent of Christ, as if either Lucifer is His father, or Venus is His mother. Either way, it is disturbing. If we connect this to the Freemasonic and Luciferian obsession with Venus, it seems that the Vatican is expressing Luciferian religion. Surely their scholars understand that any reference to Lucifer is going to connect them to Luciferianism.

Finally, look at the Snake design in the Vatican hall, seen at the 3:40 mark of this 6-minute video:


The architect of this design knew precisely what he was doing. He spent years pondering every detail, because the Vatican itself does nothing without thinking long and hard about it. So we must ask ourselves why would the Roman Church deliberately design a hall where the pope on the platform is looking directly at the head of a serpent? Are they going to try to convince us that this is the serpent in the wilderness, which, when raised on the pole, is a type of Christ?

The Vatican has always been very good at double meanings, one for public consumption, and the other for private worship.

Since we are now in 2017, which, in my view, will begin to see the fall of the final beast in the long series of nations foretold by Daniel and John, we have to watch the Vatican and Jerusalem for signs of the end. Is the Vatican slowly getting people used to the idea of Lucifer being the true god? Are they slowly exposing their own hearts? Are we now in a transitional period where Lucifer will soon be proclaimed, not merely by a cantor, but by papal decree to be the father of Jesus? Who was it that fathered Jesus in Matthew’s account?

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones