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May 30, 2017

It has been awhile since I commented on the world news, so I thought I should give an update before continuing my series on First Corinthians.

Since the “cleansing” work done at the Second Passover Conference in mid-May, people have begun to cleanse their own land around the country and the world. Bob was assigned the task of praying in Washington DC, so he spent a day (May 16) there, planting cleansed soil at the White House, the Judiciary, Supreme Court, and Capitol building in DC.

On May 19 President Trump left on his first foreign trip to three religious capitals of the monotheistic world: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Rome. Something is happening behind the scenes, but there are conflicting reports. In the end, since this is 2017, I believe that everything that happens this year is part of the end game for Mystery Babylon.

The fakestream media, of course, is trying hard to push the idea that Russia somehow interfered in the last election. Never mind that our own government interferes in virtually all elections around the world. They have worked hard to convince us that Russia our enemy, so if any politician talks to a Russian official, he is treated like a criminal.

The fact is, I wish all of our politicians would talk to their Russian counterparts. There is no reason to treat Russia like an enemy when they have tried hard to be friendly. But Russia is certainly an enemy to Mystery Babylon, and that is why the media tries to convince us that Russia is the enemy of the American public as well.

So I find it significant that the grand architect of the scheme to make Russia our enemy has just died. Brzezinski died last Friday (May 26) at the age of 89. Another one of the other important architects of the Babylonian World Order was David Rockefeller, who died March 20, 2017. He was one of the big financial moguls of Mystery Babylon.

Benjamin Fulford commented on these deaths in his latest bulletin dated May 30, 2017, saying,

Brzezinski’s death means that the main architect of the anti-Russian campaign of hysteria in DC is gone and that this campaign will start to wither. In fact the Washington DC elite are now in a state of sheer panic as word has been put out the so-called Russian who leaked Hillary Clinton’s e-mails was none other than Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered as a result.


The death of David Rockefeller means that his entire control grid, from the murder brigades to his Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission mind control outfits, is collapsing. That is the real reason for the panic.

The real conflict, from God’s point of view, is between Babylon and “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12), whom God has raised up to take down modern Babylon. The original kings who overthrew Babylon in the time of Daniel were Cyrus and Darius, kings of Persia and Media. Today, however, they are the rulers of China and Russia.

This means that our own media, which patriotically supports the rulers of Babylon, consider China and Russia to be their enemies, and they try to enlist our support as well. But I would no more support Babylon today than I would have if I had lived in the time of Daniel. Actually, I don’t really support either side in any practical way. I simply observe and try not to get in God’s way as He uses the kings of the east to set us free from our modern Babylonian captivity.

The media has tried to present Putin as a former colonel of the KGB, who has never grown out of that role in the past 25 years. At first they tried to present him as a crypto Communist trying to restore the Soviet Union. When that failed, they tried to present him as a new Russian Czar trying to restore the glory of old Russia. That persona has a bit more credibility, but this is not a bad thing. It is what any patriotic Russian would want to do.

Putin is trying to undo all the cultural destruction caused by the Communist revolution in 1917. This includes restoring cultural Christianity through the Russian Orthodox Church. In other words, although Putin rose through the ranks during the Communist era, he long ago broke with Communism and is seeking to repair the damage from the past century (1917-2017). Look at this article, which reports how Putin supported a religious ceremony in honor of the “new martyrs” which were killed by the Communist government in the past century:


The President took part in a ceremony consecrating the new Church of the Resurrection of Christ and the New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church, with Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill conducting the ceremony….

What follows is an official letter/statement from Putin:

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Your Holiness, Your Eminence, friends,

This ceremony consecrating the new church at the Sretensky Monastery is an important and significant event not only for Orthodox believers, but for our society as a whole. This is because this church is dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ, and to the new martyrs, in other words, to the memory of those who suffered during the years of anti-religious persecution and who died during this time of repression. At the same time, it embodies the spirit of reconciliation.

It is deeply symbolic that this new church is opening on the year, which marks the 100thanniversary of the February and October revolutions that were the departure point for many of the serious trials our country had gone through during the twentieth century.

We need to remember both the uplifting and the tragic pages in our history and learn to accept our past in full, objectively, passing nothing over in silence. Only then will it be possible to fully understand and digest the lessons our past offers.

We know how fragile civic peace is. We know this now and must never forget it. We must never forget how difficult it is to heal the scars of division.

This is why it is our common duty to do everything we can to preserve our nation’s unity, maintain social and political concord through ongoing dialogue, and draw on the values of our traditional religions – Christian Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism – to prevent hostility and division from taking hold.

Awareness of common goals, chief among which is the wellbeing of each of our citizens and of our homeland in general, is the key that can help us to overcome our differences. The restoration of the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church, the 10th anniversary of which we are celebrating, serves as the most vivid evidence of this.

The road to restoring the unity of the Church and reuniting the Russian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad was not an easy one. It could not have been otherwise, for the long years of separation, which had their roots in the drama of a fratricidal civil war, created many differences and great mutual distrust. However, both churches, desiring to strengthen Christian Orthodoxy and strengthen our common homeland, travelled this road with success.

Here, in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church went through trials and suffered great losses, but it always stood side by side with the people. And the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad always helped our compatriots who were far from their Motherland to not only preserve their faith, but also to build close ties with Russia, their homeland, its traditions, language and culture.

The restoration of unity has strengthened these ties. This was an event of great moral significance, a symbol and an example of how our history and the past can and should unite rather than divide us.

Our country and statehood are impossible to imagine without the Russian Orthodox Church’s spiritual and historical experience, which has been passed down through the pastoral word from one generation to the next. I am sure that this new church at the Sretensky Monastery will become a bright centre of gravity for religious and educational activity and will help to embed deeper in our society the ideas of goodness, mutual respect, and reconciliation.

It is clear that Putin considers the Communist era of the Soviet Union to have been a disaster and a tragedy. He is now working to repair the effects of that era. He is not a Communist. In fact, his background in the KGB has given him the historical proof that Communism was imposed upon Russia by the western bankers who invented Communism in the 1800’s. It was their policy to divide the world into opposing factions in order to be able to control both sides.

Most people today have never read the official investigative report from Senator Overman in 1919, which investigated the so-called “Russian Revolution.” He found that it was not Russian at all. In fact, the first 256 commissars in Russia were shipped there from the Lower East Side of New York City. Nearly all of them were Jews, and obviously, all were Communists.

I recall reading a New York Times article from November 1917, in which a celebration was held in New York City after Lenin’s success in taking over Russia. The banker, Jacob Schiff, was invited to the celebration. He could not come, but he wrote a letter that was read to the people attending the party, bragging about his success. Schiff had helped finance the revolution from his bank in New York City.

Putin knows all of this, and so he is well aware of the level of opposition that he faces. The sanctions against Russia today are part of the war that the big banks in the West are waging against Russia. They are afraid, because Putin knows too much, and he cannot be controlled by them.

The same western bankers are afraid of Trump. Trump does not have the same knowledge of history that Putin knows, but he too is a “wild card.” They were not counting on him to win the election, so they have had to scramble to hedge him on every side with “advisors” from the New World Order. Trump is getting a lot of bad advice, and he has been forced to cancel his plans to make peace with Russia. But I believe that Babylon is now falling, and so I believe that things will turn out alright in the end. God is always on the winning side, because God is on His own side. He raises up His own opposition in order to make it look like a difficult battle. But in the end, God has rigged history to ensure that He wins.

We are now coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War (June 5-11, 1967). This will be a time to watch.

November 2017 will be the 100-year anniversary of the Communist Revolution in Russia. It will also be the 70-year anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution (November 29, 1947).

December 9-11, 2017 will be the 100-year anniversary of the taking of Jerusalem in 1917 toward the end of World War 1.

This year 2017 is very significant in prophetic history. I believe it will mark the final turning point in world history as the Kingdom of God emerges and the great Stone hits the Babylonian image on its feet.

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