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Passover Conference Report--Cleansing the Earth

May 16, 2017

As usual, the conference this past week end was the best we have ever had. Everyone is free to have an opinion, of course, but it seems to me that these conferences continue to get better all the time. The quality of the speakers probably stays the same, since they are who they are, but I think that the main difference is the times in which we are living.

In other words, as we approach the end of the beast kingdoms’ dominion and the demise of Mystery Babylon, it is clear that God is doing more and more to undermine (spiritually) the beast order in favor of the Kingdom of God. To do this, He is causing the beast itself to turn on its rider, as Revelation 17:16, 17 says. The beast itself simply represents earthly nations, which are not necessarily evil. They are evil only insofar as they obey the commands of an evil rider.

There are various beast nations—or so they are pictured in Daniel 7 and 8. Lion, bear, leopard, and the nameless beast with iron teeth and feet. When these have run their courses, the final beast will turn on its rider and “eat her flesh” (as in the example of Jezebel’s overthrow). Then a new beast will arise—a white horse, having a new Rider.

On September 11, 2016 we saw the dramatic fall of Jezebel, when Hillary Clinton literally fell on the 15th anniversary of the Twin Towers Demotion Derby. Recall that Bill Clinton was a manifestation of King Ahab when he humbled himself on September 11, 1998, giving America a 3-year reprieve from war (as per 1 Kings 21:29 and 1 Kings 22:1). That 3-year reprieve ended on September 11, 2001 with the TTDD. At that point, prophecy shifted from Ahab to Jezebel, and this cycle took precisely 15 years to September 11, 2016.

Hillary then lost the election, as her fall foreshadowed. We are now in a post-Jezebel world, and so we are seeing the steady erosion of beast power as we transition into the Kingdom of God. The riders of the White Horse, led by Jesus Himself, are the overcomer company. Daniel 7:22 KJV calls them “the saints of the Most High,” who are called to take possession of the Kingdom.

2017 is the final year allotted to the dominion of the beast systems before the Kingdom arises. How long will this transition take? We are not told, but I am confident that 2017 will prove to be the beginning point. For this reason, we have been led to prepare ourselves and to participate in the process, bearing witness in the earth to the judgments of God being issued from the Divine Court.

At this conference, we were led to lay claim to the earth, bearing witness that God owns the whole earth by right of Creation. On behalf of the overcomers, I signed a title deed under God’s own signature (a cross or tav, which means “sign, mark”). Hence, His signature, along with an earthly signature become two witnesses to establish this title deed, dated May 14, 2017.

In connection with this, we all took communion, eating and drinking half of the communion elements, and putting the other half into dirt (the earth) that is to be scattered in various places to cleanse and lay claim to the earth. Since communion is a covenant of fellowship among those who participate, we were making a covenant of fellowship with the earth itself. In essence, it was a covenant of fellowship between heaven and earth, for this was God’s purpose from the beginning of creation.

Thanks to Jeannette Straus, whose revelation of the Divine Court and redemption of the land through communion (the blood of Jesus) was utilized in this prophetic act, we were led by the Spirit to begin the process of cleansing the land that has been polluted by sin (through Adam) and polluted by the blood of Abel, which has been given a voice in the Divine Court and therefore “still speaks” (Hebrews 11:4; Genesis 4:10).

Unresolved sin pollutes the land and has a negative effect upon its ability to yield fruit. We see this in the law in Leviticus 26:20,

20 And your strength shall be spent uselessly, for your land shall not yield its produce and the trees of the land shall not yield their fruit.

Likewise, in Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the temple, he said in 2 Chronicles 7:14,

14 and [if] My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

God is interested in more than just people. He claims all men by right of creation, but for the same reason, He also claims all of the land. He is interested in far more than just people. He wants everything back that He created out of God-particles, so that He can be complete. He created all things out of Himself (Romans 11:36), and it all goes back to Him in the end.

The world sees no connection between sin and unproductive land. Those of us who know the law understand that spiritual conditions do indeed have a direct effect upon the land. Land polluted by blood can be cleansed only by blood—the blood of Jesus. The wine of communion serves that purpose, for it symbolically applies the blood wherever it ought to be applied. We take communion to apply His blood to ourselves (our personal “land,” for we are made of the dust of the ground). But at the conference we were led to apply it not only to ourselves, but to the earth itself.

The precedence for this is in Jesus’ words regarding to communion, where He identified the wine as being His blood (Matthew 26:27, 28). Legally speaking, we are to use wine to represent His blood in this matter. But we also see this principle in the law itself, as in Deuteronomy 21, where unsolved murder was to be resolved by the death of a heifer (Deuteronomy 21:3, 4). In those days, under the Old Covenant, the blood of animals legally represented the blood of Jesus. Under the New Covenant, that old form has been changed to wine.

Further, this chapter is important, because it gives earthly “priests” the authority to cleanse the land by blood (Deuteronomy 21:5). The priests under the Old Covenant were Levitical priests, but under the New Covenant this has been changed to the priests of the Melchizedek Order, of which Jesus Christ is the High Priest. Yet the principle remains, though the authority has shifted from one group to another.

The blood of cleansing is then to be applied to the earth with a specific pronouncement that is given in Deuteronomy 21:7, 8,

7 “Our hands have not shed this blood, nor did our eyes see it. 8 Forgive Thy people Israel whom Thou hast redeemed, O Lord, and do not place the guilt of innocent blood in the midst of Thy people Israel.”

These words were tailored in those days to the nation of Israel, because that was the Kingdom of God in those days. Israel was a model for what God intended to do with the whole earth. We know this because Israel’s encampment and their banners around the Tabernacle in the wilderness represented “the four living creatures” of Revelation 4:7 and 5:14. Compare these to the four types of living creatures in Genesis 9:9, 10, which represent “every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth” (Genesis 9:16).

Essentially what we have done is to ratify the covenant with the whole earth that God made with Noah. In Noah’s time, it was a prophecy of things to come. In our time, this covenant is beginning to be fulfilled, although there is much yet to do before all things are put under the feet of Jesus in an experiential manner (1 Corinthians 15:27, 28; Hebrews 2:8).

Do we have the authority to do what we are doing? Yes, for ALL who have the revelation and bear witness to His word have been given the authority to do this. The revelation is given to those of the Melchizedek priesthood, for they are specifically the ones called to do this, according to the divine law. Deuteronomy 21:5 says “every dispute and every assault shall be settled by them.” That is our authorization from heaven.

What is the result of doing this work? Deuteronomy 21:9 says,

9 So you shall remove the guilt of innocent blood from your midst, when you do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

Under the Old Covenant, this was a command to action or obedience. Under the New Covenant, it is a promise that this will indeed happen. The guilt of innocent blood in the earth will indeed be removed. The New Covenant is God’s promise to make sure it happens. He does so by the gift of faith, which comes from hearing the word (Romans 10:17). He speaks, faith happens, and we react. God promises to raise up a generation in the end who will hear His voice. He trains them to do His work. Then He has them do this work. Thus, God fulfills His New Covenant promise.

We are living in the time of the fulfillment of God’s promises, at least on some level that is pertinent to our time. Those who have no such revelation may grouch and say, “Who do you think you are?” But we say, we are nothing in ourselves, but we have been given the word and the gift of faith to do this work. We welcome all others to join us in this work, for no one is exclusively called to this work. Those who grouch are those who have not received this word. So let them be grouchy. Their earth is probably still polluted without their awareness. So we will do the work on their behalf, and in the end, they will repent.

In my view, this declaration was a very important milestone in the progression of the Kingdom. What was revealed at the conference this year built upon all that has been revealed in the past, but this time we learned new applications of the law, because it was time.

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