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Letter from an ex-CIA officer

May 09, 2017

This is what he wrote to me recently. He gave me permission to post it

As the CIA is not a law enforcement organization we could only send our information "up the line."  When Janet Reno was Attorney General I was formally warned to back off concerning a counter-narcotics operation that I was running (and had been running for more than a year).

When I persisted, my supervisor called me in to tell me that he had been instructed by the Office of General Counsel within the agency that if I did not heed the warning I could be looking at jail time.  When I protested that I was not breaking any agency regulations, my supervisor (who was senior grade) said, "[Name], I've seen this sort of thing before and I hate it, but you cannot win this battle."

I was still a junior officer.  As I became more senior I became very aware of senior U.S. judges, Congressmen, state and federal attorneys general and military officers with two stars or more being involved in not merely illegal activities but absolute squalor.  Unfortunately, almost all U.S. ambassadors I knew were the same.

In time I reached the point that I basically did not trust anyone in the government that was at the level of "Executive Grade" (all ambassadors, three and four star generals, etc.); certainly I did not trust any senior congressmen and I especially distrusted those that were appointed as head of any government agency or administration.

I had come to the conclusion that all of these that I knew were corrupt, had a vice (narcotics use, pedophilia, occult practices, etc.) and that vice was used to "hook" them while they were relatively junior in their work.  Once they had been hooked, then they were promoted and, of course, under the control of those that had hooked them.

I genuinely believe that at one time the CIA (and probably the Pentagon and a few other agencies) was relatively free of this, but that changed during the Clinton administration, when the various appointed agency directors brought with them into their respective agencies entire cadres of "suddenly senior" officials and salted them throughout the agencies.  CIA still has some of these now very senior officers within its ranks, and they are in positions now where they can both promote and protect their criminal acts.

I was not alone in my beliefs regarding this, as every field officer I spoke to about this felt the same way, and we were aware that there was nothing that we could do about it.  Whistleblowers were either indicted on false charges and jailed and/or harassed to the point that they took their own lives.

And mainstream media has, of course, always been there to ensure that these crimes and criminals remain protected... that's what mainstream media is for, after all.  And most people simply do not want to believe that their own government could be so utterly depraved and wicked... especially Christians do not want to believe this.

Were it not for Jesus in my life I would have taken that life a long time ago….

Further to this, I spent close to eight years within the agency targeting organized crime in foreign countries (all of it Latin America).  Organized crime included pretty much everything (narcotics, people trafficking, white slavery, money laundering, etc.).  I once asked a senior very seasoned DEA country chief why it was that everyone knew of the Medellin Cartel, or the Cali Cartel, or the Guadalajara Cartel but nobody knew about the Chicago Cartel, or the Los Angeles Cartel, or the Miami Cartel.  I knew the answer, of course, but wanted to hear what he would say.

He was upfront about it and said:  "[Name], for every corrupt cop, every corrupt politician, every corrupt judge, every corrupt Army officer there is in Latin America, we have their same corrupt counterparts in every major city in the U.S."  This guy used to work in Memphis and then was the DEA OIC in New Orleans before he came to Latin America.  The reason he switched to working the Latin America mission was, as he told me, so he could finally hope to see some major cartel being brought down... he knew it would never happen in the U.S. because their protection was too strong.

MY COMMENT: This is why we engage in spiritual warfare. We could not hope to win by fighting these Babylonian criminals on their own turf. It is good to know that we are on the winning side, although our training period has taken place during the time of corruption that operates invisibly all around us. This is “the swamp” that President Trump says he wants to drain. Even as president, he does not have the power to do this. It can be done only by the power of the Holy Spirit that must be poured out upon the earth in a big way. I believe this is coming soon.

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