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Good news in the US government

May 10, 2017

In spite of the corruption in governments around the world, there are signs of good things happening in the midst of the bad stuff. Soon after his inauguration, President Trump called in some ministers who have been working with him and anointed various parts of the White House with prayers of cleansing. This was after hauling away all of the Muslim furnishings that his predecessor had used to dedicate the White House to Islam.

Simply put, this means that the White House is now dedicated to Jesus Christ, and not to Mohammed. But there might be also another side effect to this, one that runs deeper than most people can imagine.

Washington DC itself was built by Freemasons, who designed the streets in a 6-pointed star to picture their goat-god, Baphomet. The White House was situated in the place of the “mouth” of the goat, in order to establish the presidents as the spokesmen for Baphomet. Essentially, our capital city was dedicated to Baphomet in the 1790’s. I was not part of Trump’s ministerial team who dedicated the White House to Jesus Christ, but this suggests that its dedication to Baphomet may have been officially reversed last January, at least on a spiritual level. Things are changing.

Some of the people in the highest positions in the cabinet are now meeting for Bible study and prayer once a week.


Likewise, in the senate there are 25-30 senators who come to their own prayer breakfasts once a week. Barry Black, the senate chaplain, reports this:

Black also mentioned that the legislative process is adversarial. But he described how the weekly Bible studies he hosts are attended by members of both parties, despite their political differences. 

"The beauty of having 25 to 30 of them meeting at a prayer breakfast each week, having them meet again at a Bible study each week is they interact with one another and from time to time, you'll hear of the Gang of these are lawmakers from both sides who basically say enough is enough and they have sufficient spirituality to then become gadflies and ensure that the legislative branch functions as God intends for it to," said Black.


So the news is not all bad. I have no doubt that our prayers are being answered, even if the mainstream newspapers do not report it.

I understand that there are still many traditions of men being taught (and assumed to be true) in these Bible studies. They need greater light of revelation. But I would rather pray for them to receive this light than condemn them for not having it. I mean, why curse the darkness when we can light a candle? At least they are studying the Scriptures. As they seek to know truth, at some point God will give it to them, and I pray that with it will come hearts to receive it.

Perspective: Truth needs perspective. If truth is not accompanied by faith, it can be destructive and depressing. There are some whose mission is to educate everyone in all the bad things happening in their government. But such information, though helpful in many ways, is not the solution. At best, it might clarify the problem.

But over the years, I have found that too much “bad news,” however true, can generate fear and depression, rather than faith and joy. People can easily get the impression that God is losing this battle, and this can be a very depressing thought. My purpose is to strengthen you with faith and joy so that you can handle some of the bad news without being overthrown. I do not want to avoid the stark reality of the situation we find ourselves in today, as captives of Mystery Babylon. We do need to know what is going on, because the corruption is the very reason why God intends to overthrow Babylon. In other words, God is NOT being unjust in His judgments.

Nonetheless, a steady diet of bad news is unhealthy. Remember that Peter walked on water until he shifted his focus from Jesus to the wind and waves. Then he began to sink. We are all like Peter, and his lesson is for all of us. We need peripheral vision, but we need to focus on Jesus. We need to understand that there is a storm around us and that the danger is real, but we also need to walk on a firm foundation provided by Jesus Christ and His command to “Come.”

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones