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Ex-CIA officer Robert David Steele comments on the missile strike on Syrian air base

Apr 12, 2017

Robert Steele is an insider who understands the situation quite well and has many contacts. He speaks of specific traitors surrounding President Trump who planned this attack and sold it to the president.


A short follow up:


He mentions the coming meeting between Putin and US Secretary of State Tillerson and wonders if things will be worked out between the two countries. Well, Putin cancelled that meeting.

This appears to be a genuine crisis, not a staged event. The world has not been so close to war (on two fronts: North Korea and Syria) for a long time. 

Such events seem to indicate that Putin is not happy with the US missile attack. He gives no indication that this attack was agreed upon before it happened. But in the end, Putin did meet with Tillerson, no doubt after registering his displeasure.


As I showed yesterday in the latest videos of Dr. Steve Pieczenik, in the first interview, he was quote sure that this missile attack was just a Trump tactic that had little military significance. However, two days later, he seemed quite upset with Trump when he saw how his good advisors were being replaced by bad ones.

A political battle for control and influence is going on in the Trump administration. Trump's decisions are only as good as the information that is given to him by those who control the flow of intelligence.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones