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Divine Court Case Report

Apr 10, 2017

Yesterday we filed our case with the divine court, using the model prayer posted earlier.


Five of us gathered at my home to discuss the case, present it to the divine court, and then discern more about it afterward. Our case was successful, although someone on the other side appealed our case on the grounds that we were not qualified to file such a case.

As usual, it was more of a delaying tactic, hoping to tie up the case on technical grounds, and perhaps hoping that we would not notice. Such appeals must be answered, regardless how frivolous, or else the case goes into limbo indefinitely. This is why it is imperative that those presenting a divine court case should be able to hear God’s voice. We are not the only ones in the divine court. There is usually (if not always) an adversary, who knows the law but twists it to his own advantage, contrary to the mind of Christ.

In this case, the adversary’s objection was that we were donkeys, not sheep. Or Ishmaels, not Isaacs. After all, the 14th of Nisan was not until today, April 10, so they claimed that the lamb had not yet redeemed the donkeys (Exodus 13:13). When Israel was being born out of Egypt, their Father was God, but their mother was Egypt. Hence, the Israelites were spiritual Ishmaels and therefore donkeys (Genesis 16:12).

However, April 9 was Palm Sunday, commemorating the day when Jesus presented Himself to Jerusalem as the Passover Lamb. Some accepted Him, others believed He was flawed and so they rejected Him. In our case, we were accepting Him as our spotless Lamb, for we believe in Him. Moreover, we are not new in our faith. We accepted Him on a personal level a long time ago, and we know that we have been redeemed by the Lamb in accordance with the divine law.

Therefore, those of us who presented the case yesterday were indeed qualified already, even though we were interceding on behalf of a greater body of people (donkeys) who yet needed to be redeemed. So we agree that most or all of the greater body of people for whom we are interceding were still spiritual donkeys, or Old Covenant believers, having the faith of Abraham, but also having Hagar-Egypt as their mother; however, these were not the ones presenting the case in the divine court. These were the beneficiaries of our court action.

Last night, our heavenly Father gave me a further word that more was yet to be done today. He did not say what it was, but left it for us to discern further. Some of those who gathered with me yesterday will be meeting with me again this afternoon. We will pray and discuss this at that time and do whatever is appropriate. As there is no rush, I do not think it has to do with yesterday’s case, but is probably a secondary matter building on what has already been accomplished.

We deal with many spiritual issues, and it is not always practical to inform the wider audience about most of these things. There are too many other things to write about. Yet you should know that we are kept busy virtually every day doing something that needs to be done, whether on a personal level or on behalf of others. What I post online is only part of what keeps me busy, and even then it is important for me to continue writing Bible studies as well.

Comments on Trump

There are some reports claiming that Trump’s attack on the air base in Syria (April 6) was a staged event, designed to appease his critics, but not to hurt Syrian president Assad. They say that Trump gave Russia and Assad an hour’s notice, so that they could evacuate and get the planes out of harm’s way, so that essentially the missiles struck an empty air base.

I have no way of knowing if these claims are true or not, since I have no time or resources to do a personal investigation. I hope that these claims are true and are not mere apologetics for Trump. Time will tell, because if we end up in World War 3, then obviously the attack will prove to be a very bad decision. I do not see World War 3 in our future, so my opinion is that things will work out alright in that regard.

There are many different and contradictory revelations, dreams, visions, etc. about World War 3. It is not feasible to present one revelation while ignoring others that contradict it. Further, there are different definitions of World War 3, as well as different manifestations of it. In a very real way, we are already in World War 3, but the war is not the same variety as seen in the first two world wars. It is not a war being fought between two armies of uniformed troops. It is largely a guerilla war and a propaganda war, using immigrants, civilians, and a few terrorists. This makes it difficult to define who is fighting who, but it is no less ugly.

The bottom line is that we should pray that President Trump is not misinformed by unscrupulous advisors who control the stream of information given to him. His biggest danger is not picking the right advisors. This has actually been the big problem over the past centuries in most of the major nations. Babylonian advisors have been inserted in many countries in order to provoke countries to go to war so that the nations become heavily indebted to the international bankers and the munitions makers make big profits.

The witches have said that their intent is to put spells and curses upon President Trump at the time of the waning moon each month “until he is driven from office.” The waning moon begins immediately after the full moon. Well, today is the full moon. Passover is always on a full moon. So we need to counter those spells and curses and pray that they would be broken and cast to the ground.

The Third War: Syria

Back in 2011 I posted “A Strange Dinar Story,” which spoke of three wars in the Middle East (besides Iraq and Afghanistan). At the time, the US government (CIA) was implementing its policy known in the newspapers as the Arab Spring to destabilize and overthrow 7 countries in 5 years. The CIA was hitting Egypt at the time, and soon they would overthrow Libya. But the third war has been somewhat of a mystery to us. We figured it was Syria, but because Russia intervened on Syria’s behalf, the US was held back.

Well, the Trump missile attack on Syria may have been the fulfillment of this third war. Here is one paragraph of the story:


The man tells him, "Good, it's going to revalue soon and when it does you need to buy silver and gold because once it does everything is going to change". My friend said, "Well we heard that it's supposed to RV any day now". The man responds, "Not yet but soon. What you see going on in Egypt is going to happen in two more middle eastern countries and the US will go into another war." and then he says this, "When it does happen it will RV at 3.18, when it does RV, everything is going to change". My friend said that he was fluttery in his spirit and not able to think straight when this man was talking. He was able to ask him, "So how do you know this, what do you do?" The man answered, "I do what I do and I'm good at it". My friend then left with his Youth Pastor feeling weird. When my friend finally got his composure he turned around and went back to talk to him some more but the man was gone. (of course!).

So perhaps April 6 had prophetic significance in relation to the 9th sign of Elisha. Keep in mind that April 9, 2017 was the 8th anniversary of the start of these Elisha signs on April 9, 2009. We saw the first 8 signs fulfilled like clockwork for 14 months, ending with the 8th sign fulfilled on July 9-15, 2010. Then it stopped, and the last half of Elisha’s signs went blank.

Perhaps now that the attack on Syria has happened, the door has been opened to the last half of the Elisha signs (#9-16). Recall that the 9th sign was to be a “barley” sign (2 Kings 4:42, 43, 44)..

April 12: A Barley Watch Date

April 12 this year is Nisan 16, the day after Passover. By Pharisee reckoning, it is the time of the wave-sheaf offering. The Sadducees reckoned it was the first Sunday after Passover, which is April 16 this year. We should watch both as “barley” dates. (Barley was waved on the wave-sheaf offering.)

It seems that our primary pattern in 2017 is drawing from events that occurred back in 1985 and 1986. As I mentioned earlier, the big sign in 1985 feeding into the prayer campaign occurred on April 9, 1985, when the church aborted and miscarried the Manchild. But more happened at that time.

The word received at the time was that “My People,” that is, the overcomers, were being separated from the church as a whole, so that they would not be implicated by the church’s abortion of the Manchild. Having been separated the evening before this abortion/miscarriage, it meant that the overcomers would be allowed to give birth to the manifested sons of God soon. It made “Let My People Go” prayer campaign possible yesterday, 32 years later.

On April 12, 1985, I was asked to take a trip to Chicago with the company that I was working for, in order to attend a print show. The company was going to set up a print shop and intended to order presses, a folder, cutter, and other printshop equipment. Since I was the typesetter at the time, I was involved in this. So we drove to Chicago (from Arkansas) on April 12, 1985.

In those days we were all part of the Net of Prayer, whose head (Chuck) was living in Chicago. It happened that much of his discernment came through numbers, and he discerned many things through the numbers that appeared in the Illinois lottery. The number 412 meant “divine intervention” in those days. We were getting there on April 12, i.e., 4-12.

He invested some money in the lottery on the number 412 and also various 4-digit versions of 412. The number actually drawn that day was 4112, and he won $21,600. At the time, the number 216 was meaningless to us, but now we know that Joshua’s name appears 216 times in the Bible. Hence, it is a Joshua (Jesus) number, showing WHO was divinely intervening.

The point is that as we now study the 1985 pattern, can see a possible continuation of the pattern from April 9-12. In fact, we might also extend this to April 16, which is “Easter” (wave-sheaf offering) this year, by Sadducee reckoning. April 16, 1985 was when our Chicago trip ended, and we drove back to Arkansas. Thus, it concludes the time of that project.

So both April 12 and 16 are watch dates in 2017. Both are “barley” dates and therefore are potential fits for the 9th sign of Elisha.

I should add that April 12, 1986 was when pastor Red Thomas burned himself badly. He was a sign of the Saul church, as I wrote in my book, The Wars of the Lord, chapter 49. That story was an aftermath of the church's abortion/miscarriage. So there were really two stories going on at the same time. The first concerned the success of the overcomers, and the second concerned the failure of the church.

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