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Corrections and further background

Apr 05, 2017

The Deir Yassin massacre occurred in 1948, not in 1947. I have gone back to the 5th and 6th blogs and made the correction: April 9, 1948. Sorry about that. It was Anava’s fault. Apparently, he needed some further humbling. This does not change the fact that we are called to present the case to the divine court on April 9 this year. It only means that next year, April 9, 2018 is also a watch date.

Anyway, we are now coming up on the 69th anniversary of that needless massacre, which occurred about 5 weeks before the Israeli state was officially established (May 14, 1948). The massacre set the tone for the state itself and convinced all Arabs and Palestinians that terrorism was the proper and acceptable mode of warfare for decades to come.

Of course, even before this massacre, the Jewish Zionists were poisoning wells with typhus. They even invented letter bombs and used them to terrorize those who stood in their way (so-called “enemies”). They were truly the inventors of modern terrorism, which is now a world problem, once the Islamic radicals learned how to play that game.

The common reaction is to take sides according to whatever religious group one happens to identify with. The proper thing is to side with God, not with man, and God does not side with racial groups. He is the great Judge who judges impartially according to the standard of His own law. Christians need to know this about God. He has never let Israel get away with sin, nor has He ever departed from His plan that Israel ought to be a blessing to all nations.

In ancient times, God did bring judgment upon the Canaanites for their human sacrifice and other atrocities, but He has never brought judgment upon anyone on account of his race or nationality. Nor has He ever condoned cruelty or terrorism. If you want proof, just ask yourself: What would Jesus do? What did Jesus teach? Was Jesus a Jewish nationalist? Did He hate Samaritans or despise Romans and Greeks? No. In fact, He was quite different from His contemporaries, and this was a big reason why He was rejected as Messiah. He did not meet their expectations of a military messiah.

We are today coming to the point in time where it really does matter if we know these things. The time of blindness is nearing an end. God is about to rule on “the Controversy of Zion” (Isaiah 34:8 KJV). Let us not be on the wrong side of His verdict. Let us not be found in support of those whom He condemns, for this would show how much we have misunderstood His character, His Law, and the facts in the case.

The Visitation

Recall that John the Baptist and Jesus were sent to do the divine investigation, which is known in Scripture as a Visitation (Jeremiah 46:21 KJV; Jeremiah 48:44 KJV; Luke 19:44). In that day, this 3-4 year investigation was pictured in terms of looking for “fruit” on the fig tree of Judah. There was none, and so the fig tree was finally cursed (Matthew 21:19), ensuring the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

In our time, the investigation has been ongoing since the transfer of authority to the overcomers (October 16, 2014). It is now 2 ½ years into the investigation, and the Israeli state has again been full of leaves, but fruitless. This was in spite of a tremendous amount of intercession and prayer on their behalf from the church.

In fact, if you recall Jesus’ parable in Luke 13:6-9, the vineyard-keeper asked for a fourth year extension in which to fertilize the fig tree. It was granted. The parable itself gives no outcome, but we know that this did not work in Jesus’ time. This probably has application to our own time as well. In other words, from October 16, 2014 to October 16, 2017 is a full three years during which time the visitation had been ongoing.

Nonetheless, the time of figs is in the Spring, so April 9, 2017 is when the investigation process is to be done for the year. By that time, in the natural, fig trees can be seen to have fruit or not, even if it is not yet fully ripe. Unripe fruit is too soon to be eaten, but is evidence of fruitfulness.

So April 9 is when we are to present our findings to the divine court. So unless there is a national repentance in the Israeli state in the next few days, and unless they proclaim Jesus to be the Messiah-King, our report will be “No fruit.” Ironically, if the Israeli government were to proclaim Jesus as the Messiah, it would prove that Jesus was a false prophet, since He said in Matthew 21:19, “No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you.” I do not expect such a thing to happen. The Israeli state is not the biblical Israel, nor does circumcision define true Jews by God’s definition (Romans 2:28, 29).

If the church appeals to the divine court, asking for a fourth-year extension again, God will probably grant it. I expect this to happen, simply because it follows the pattern in Jesus’ day—and because if there is a way to extend grace, God will certainly find it. The fourth year extends this time into 2018, at least to April, when it can be determined whether or not the leafy fig tree that Jesus cursed is actually bearing fruit.

That would take us approximately to the 70th anniversary of the Israeli state, May 14, 2018. So if we take this fourth-year extension into account, we may not see the final judgment upon the fruitless fig tree until the latter half of 2018.

This is an early view, of course, but not as early as in past years.

The History of November 29

The Palestinian Resolution was debated from November 21-29, 1947 and passed on the 29th. In more recent years I have seen this time period come to the forefront many times. It is obvious to me that God considers this date to be very important—perhaps even more important than May 14, 1948—for it was the legal basis of the establishment of the Israeli state.

I wrote four weblogs in four days showing the history of November 21-29 back in 2006. Here is the first one:


These dates first showed up in 1987, when we moved to Memphis, Tennessee to begin our so-called Egyptian bondage experience. (Memphis’ sister city is Memphis, Egypt.) We arrived just as they were building their sports stadium in the shape of a pyramid. Two years later, God led us out of Memphis through a telephone call offering me a job in Arkansas. The phone call came on November 29, 1989.

A few years later, we held our first prayer campaign on November 21-29, 1993. This was the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, and it was held on the 46th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution in 1947. The number 46, of course, is the biblical number for temple, since that word (naos) appears 46 times in the New Testament.

The Jubilee Prayer Campaign was an early appeal to the divine court for the overcomers to receive the Dominion Mandate. The Israelis had had 46 years in which to build their temple (John 2:20), and had failed. Not only did they fail to build a physical temple, but more importantly, they failed to build the true temple out of living stones. So we appealed for the transfer of authority, but it was primarily according to the pattern of Saul to David, since the reign of prophetic “Saul” had ended in 1993.

That was an early transfer of authority, because it was in terms of the transition from Saul to David, or from Pentecost to Tabernacles. Later, in October of 2014, we saw the greater transfer of authority take place from the beast systems to the saints of the Most High.

As the 2006 weblogs show, November 29 was also important in 1994 and again in 2000. On each occasion we received additional revelation about the importance of that date. All of these things have been reported in the weblogs, usually more than once.

I fully expect November 29, 2017 to be highly significant, since it is the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution. But this is not the only important date, since the process of creating the Israeli state 70 years ago occurred over a period of time. We are now at the other end of it, and so it should phase out in the same manner that it came in.

As we get more revelation, I will keep you informed. Keep in mind that early views are subject to modification as we get closer. The revelation is progressive. We usually make the mistake of thinking “this is it,” when in fact “this is part of it.” To think of any single date (or year) as being “the end of the world” is a big mistake. It may be the end of something, but there is always something afterward. The world does not end; it only changes according to the progression of the Kingdom.

In the big picture, we are looking at events in the 121st Jubilee cycle from Adam, which extends from October 1986 to October 2035. We fully expect the Kingdom to be established during this Jubilee cycle and to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In years past, we were hoping that it would happen toward the beginning all at once, but we soon came to see that God was in no hurry and that there were many important dates along the way, each demanding its own unique work. Patience is the key. Progressive revelation is the process.

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