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Background to a soon-coming prayer campaign, Part 6

Apr 04, 2017

When the Latter Rain movement began February 14, 1948, the people saw it as a direct parallel to the restoration of Israel, which the United Nations had established a few months earlier. For this reason, they were enthusiastic in their support of the Jewish state, for they were blind to the real prophecies involved.

Blindness, of course, was a requirement for the divine plan to work, just as Isaac had to be blind in order for Jacob to steal Esau’s identity in the book of Genesis. If the church as a whole had understood the prophecies, Esau-Edom would not have enjoyed the near-universal support of the church, and the US government would have blocked the UN resolution.

Hence, it was important for the church to be blinded in this area, so that Esau would receive equal and impartial justice in accordance with the “eye for eye” principle.

Since Britain had been in control of Palestine since 1917, it was Britain that lowered its flag at midnight May 13/14, 1948, and the Jewish leaders immediately proclaimed the state of Israel. They had debated its name, many suggesting that it be called Judah or the Kingdom of Judah, but in the end they decided on Israel, knowing how this would deceive the blind church.

As for the divine plan, Jacob was returning the Birthright back to Esau, since he had taken it from Esau in an unlawful manner. The Birthright name was Israel. So it was necessary to use the name Israel, for this showed the transfer of the Birthright and its authority as the “chosen” ones. From that moment on, Esau-Edom became the “chosen” people, at least on a legal basis. Obviously, Esau would never succeed in fulfilling the responsibility of the Birthright. Hence, he (that is, the present state of Israel) would receive the benefits of the Birthright, along with divine protection, until it was fully evident that the nation had failed to be a blessing to all families of the earth, according to the Abrahamic covenant.

Self-interest has prevailed throughout the entire duration of the Jewish state. Unfortunately, much of the church has supported this as well, allowing the Israelis to commit horrendous sins, which Jesus would have roundly condemned, had these been perpetrated by Christians. It was as if God had set up a double standard, a spiritual standard for Christians and a carnal standard for Jews.

In fact, it has now gotten to the place where Dual Covenant Theology has become prevalent. This says that Jews are saved by their own covenant apart from Christ, while “gentiles” are saved by the New Covenant and must accept Christ. The Apostle Paul would have much to say about this, if he were on earth today.

Dual Covenant Theology is the religion of Christian blindness. It betrays Christ once again and is the Judas Factor in the church today.

Lord, how long? It appears that 70 years is the limit, since this correlates perfectly with the end of the rule of the beast empires. Meanwhile, the overcomers have had many years in which to prepare for the authority of the Kingdom to be transferred to them.

The Real Chosen Ones

Daniel 7:22, 27 all make it clear that at the end of the beast kingdoms, “the saints” will be given the Kingdom. Some have tried to argue that these “saints” are Jews or Israelites by genealogy, but plain history shows that most biological Jews and Israelites are unqualified to rule the Kingdom. Their genealogy does not qualify them. It is only their spiritual genealogy as children of God that qualifies them, and so these are begotten of God by the Spirit through faith.

Biology is in direct competition with the spiritual man for the Birthright. Will the real chosen ones please stand up! Paul makes it clear in his discussion of the remnant of grace in Romans 11:4-7 that most biological Israelites are NOT chosen. In the time of Elijah, only 7,000 qualified (Romans 11:4). “Those who were chosen obtained it, and the rest were hardened” (Romans 11:7). Men’s biological connection to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not make them “chosen.”

Carnal men use biology to claim chosen status. God Himself chooses the remnant of grace, and they are manifested according to their relationship with Jesus Christ. So God has not rejected His people, as Romans 11:1 says. That is because "His people" are defined in terms of the remnant of grace, not with the general population of carnally-minded Israelites. This is seen clearly in Exodus 19:5, where the biological Israelites had to make a vow to God in order to become His people; and again in Deuteronomy 29:12, 13, where God vowed to make them His people. If the Israelites had already been His people by virtue of their biology, then God would never have spoken of this as a future event.

So when John tells us about those who will rule and reign with Christ (Revelation 20:4-6), he says nothing about biology as a qualification for the first resurrection. As much as we might honor Abraham, he cannot take the place of Jesus Christ. Our relationship is with Jesus, not with Abraham, Moses, Paul, or any other great man of Scripture.

The Church Aborts the Manchild

On April 9, 1985 the Church aborted and miscarried the Manchild. I wrote about this in my pocket sized booklet, The Prophetic Roots of Modern Abortion. The message of Sonship is foundational to the gospel. How does one become one of the sons of God? (John 1:12, 13). It is clear that one must be begotten by the Spirit to become a son of God.

However, the mainstream church lost that message very early, once the original apostles were dead. They stressed church membership, rather than Sonship. They made the Trinity the test of orthodoxy, rather than Sonship through faith in Christ. They sacrificed love on the altar of church unity and ruled by fear. In the end, they persecuted the sons of God, even as Saul persecuted David and Ahab persecuted Elijah in the Old Testament patterns.

The bottom line is that the church, which had been called to Sonship, failed to fulfill its calling as much as the Jews and Israelites had failed in earlier days.

In January 1985, while working in Batesville, Arkansas, two fellow employees at the company fell in love and decided to get married. His name was Robert Christian, and his wife was Darrah. The Father spoke to me, saying, “Christ will marry the pearl of great price.” As a “Christian,” Robert was a type of the church. Darrah’s name was derived from a Hebrew word, dar, which means “pearl.” It appears in Esther 1:6. She was like a “pearl of great price.”

Shortly afterward, a friend from out of state called to share his revelation that we should have a prayer campaign for our children. Out of this phone call came a prayer campaign called The Lord’s Doing” on January 23, 1985. The name was taken from Psalm 118:23.

When Darrah became pregnant on that day, I saw this immediately as a sign of the Manchild coming to birth, that is, the manifestation of the sons of God. At the time, I was unaware that the 120th Jubilee from Adam was to be declared soon in October 1986. Only later did I see how God was giving the church in the Pentecostal Age an opportunity to fulfill its calling.

Then in the evening of April 8, 1985, as I was in prayer, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me strongly and suddenly. A loud voice said: “Stand up!” Startled, I jumped to my feet. Then the word was spoken, “O My people, if you had but listened to My prophets…” The word went on to tell me that the church had been disqualified. It ended with, “Come out of her, My people, that you be not partaker with her of her plagues.”

I wondered what had upset Him so much. The answer came the following morning when I went to the office and was told that Darrah had miscarried. Then I knew that the church had miscarried the Manchild, not having the strength to bring forth (2 Kings 19:3 KJV). I also knew that many in the church had aborted the Manchild in a deliberate manner, but I had no direct evidence of this until four years later.

In May 1989, I drove to Oklahoma to visit friends, and there I had opportunity to talk to their 21-year-old daughter, who had just returned home. She had left home when she was about 15 and had gotten married. But the marriage did not go so well, and so she left him and returned home.

As I drove home the next day, the Father spoke to me and said, “she has had an abortion.” That was not a word that I wanted to hear. My immediate reaction was, “O Lord, why are you telling me this? I was not comfortable knowing such a personal secret. He answered, “I want you to return later to lead her in a prayer of repentance.”

I did return a few weeks later, and in talking to her privately once again, I asked her, “Have you ever had an abortion?” She was shocked and alarmed. “How did you know?” she asked. “If my mother ever found out, she would kill me!” I told her that God had told me to pray with her about this, and she found release in God’s love and forgiveness.

I then asked her when this had occurred. She told me that she had her abortion on April 9, 1985. It was the same day that Darrah Christian had miscarried, and I knew then that the church had also aborted the Manchild, disqualifying itself from manifesting the sons of God. To be qualified to rule in the Tabernacles Age to come, one must go beyond Pentecost. One must become an overcomer, not merely a blind believer.

The church under its Pentecostal anointing (beginning in Acts 2) has now run its course. On April 9, 1985 it was disqualified insofar as the Birthright was concerned, because Joseph’s Birthright was about Sonship and bearing fruit to God (Genesis 49:22). This is the calling of those who are true Israelites (Isaiah 27:6).

And now we are again coming to a Day of Destiny, April 9, 2017, where, if I am reading this correctly, Esau-Edom is about to be disqualified in the divine court. The court case falls on April 9, and ten days later, April 19, the verdict will be rendered. My guess is that on April 19 we will see some sort of sign in the world to confirm the verdict (as we did in 1985).

Once the verdict is rendered, history will take its course. The unbelievers and carnal believers are all disqualified. Genuine believers, though carnal, will remain as citizens of the Kingdom, but they will not rule the Kingdom. Unbelievers will have to repent and become believers in Christ if they want citizenship in the Kingdom. But it takes time for believers to become overcomers, even as it took time for Israel to travel from Egypt to the Promised Land. We do not know how long individuals will have to make that journey, but we do know that time is running out.

Those who fail to become rulers will not lose their salvation which they received through Passover, nor will they lose their Pentecostal anointing. What is at stake is obtaining the blessing of the feast of Tabernacles, which is immortality in the First Resurrection (Revelation 20:4-6) and the opportunity to minister with Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle Age that is to come.


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