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Background to a soon-coming prayer campaign, Part 4

Apr 01, 2017

In the 1980’s, when I was involved with a group that conducted much spiritual warfare, our normal concept of spiritual warfare involved pitched battles in the field. This was how it was pictured, and the metaphors and visions were military in nature. However, when my training was completed in 1993, and the Father led me to issue a call to arms, I discovered something new. The warfare had shifted from the open field to a courtroom. It was a court battle.

This has characterized all of our prayer campaigns from 1993 to the present. At first, it took me by surprise, and I was even more surprised at how easy the victory came. I was expecting difficult trench warfare as in the 1980’s, but found that the burden was light. It did not depend on how many angels were on our side, compared to the other side. The only real thing that mattered was if we were on the right side of the law, justice, and the will of God.

This was because God was the judge, and He follows His own law. In Exodus 23:2, one of the instructions to judges was, “You shall not follow the masses in doing evil.” While judges today have often ruled in favor of the cultural changes demanded by the multitude, God rules all cases according to the moral principles of His law, which in turn reflects His own nature.

In this courtroom, Satan is the “adversary,” that is, the Prosecutor. Sometimes he is called “the Devil,” that is, “the Accuser.” He is on one side of the court battle. On the other side, defending those who call upon Him, is the Holy Spirit, called in Scripture the “Comforter.” The Greek word is paracletos, which, in the legal sense, is the Helper, Defender, Counsel in a court of law.

Those who follow the advice of the Holy Spirit will always find a way to win their case, even if “guilty as sin.” When guilty, the Holy Spirit will first counsel you to repent and to put it under the blood of Jesus Christ. Then when you appear before the Judge, you have removed all legal cause against you, and the accuser no longer has a legal case against you. Jesus has already taken the liability for your sin upon Himself and has paid it in full on the cross.

The law has no case against someone whose sin has already been paid. Psalm 32:1, 2 says,

1 How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. 2 How blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit! [remiyah, “deception, fraud”]

Paul quotes this in Romans 4:7, 8 in his dissertation on imputed righteousness. When sin is covered by the blood, first of animals and later of Christ, “transgression is forgiven.” The law no longer has a case against such people, and for this reason, they can always win their case when accused by the devil—or by one of his agents on earth.

The biggest problem people face, however, is self-accusation. Even Christians, who claim to be forgiven by the blood of Jesus, end up agreeing with the devil. They live in a constant state of depression even after winning their case in the divine court. This is mostly due to a lack of Scriptural teaching, usually because they do not understanding the idea of imputed righteousness. They think they can be forgiven only when all iniquity is rooted out of their heart and they are sinless.

But Paul explains in Romans 4:17 KJV that imputed righteousness is where God calls what is not as though it were. It is not about BEING righteous; it is about the law calling what is NOT as though it were. The illustration Paul uses is when God said to Abraham, “I have made you a father of many nations,” when Abraham had no children at all. God imputed a multitude of children to Abraham, calling what was NOT as though it were. That is the definition of imputation, and in the same manner, God has imputed righteousness to us by faith.

Hence, if we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ, the law will no longer countenance any accusation against us, whether it comes from the devil, or your friends, or even yourself. So stop disagreeing with the judgment of God with self-condemnation. Start agreeing with God’s judgment, for His ruling is that you have been imputed righteous.

Now get on with your life, and let the past remain under the blood of Jesus. This does not give you a license to sin some more, of course. “Are we to continue in that grace might increase?” Paul asks in Romans 6:1. Of course not. Follow the leading of the Spirit, and you will not be enslaved to sin.

The point is that as we enter the divine courtroom on April 9, all are welcome to join us. But if your heart condemns you still, you are probably not ready to join in this work. Deal with that problem first. You have more than a week to pray about this and to prepare your heart.

April 9, 1983

We have seen over the years how events on specific dates are pattern-setters for future events. Each year that this happens reveals a portion of the revelation. I have kept records since the end of 1981, so I have not forgotten these repeating patterns over the years. In fact, the first time you see an event on a specific date, it often does not appear to be important. It is only later, when other events show up on that date, does its significance begin to emerge.

My first experience with April 9 came in the year 1983. I had been under Cursed Time for 414 days from my resignation from the church in Las Cruces, New Mexico (December 5, 1981) until my arrival in Batesville, Arkansas on January 23, 1983. Cursed Time is actually a grace period giving people time to repent and reverse the curse of the law. In my case, I had been in a calling that was not mine (pastor), and I repented, saying, “I will never be a pastor again.”

So when the time came, God moved me to Batesville for a new life. But first, I had to reconcile with my accusers from the past. This happened over a 76-day (cleansing) period from January 23 to April 9. I was led to take a long trip from March 10 to April 9 to make reconciliation. In those days, of course, I knew nothing about Cursed Time, nor even about 76-day cleansing cycles. I was just walking it out by faith according to the Holy Spirit’s instructions.

I did not know that at the end of 414 days, it was important to add 76 more days of cleansing to reach 490 days of “Blessed Time.” Yet even in my ignorance, I fulfilled the purposes of God, returning home on April 9, 1983. It would be nearly 8 years before I would learn the deeper meaning of these times and dates, when I went to a meeting and heard Lalo Cadona talk about these things in February 1991.

 A few months later, I went to Alturas, California (where he lived) and spent a week with him, learning all that he could teach me. I then returned home and read every book on chronology that I could find at the Arkansas State University library to see if his theories could be proven by actual history. I found some flaws in his historical knowledge, but his basic teaching was correct. When I made a few corrections, suddenly a whole new world was laid out before me, and I later wrote Secrets of Time.

Where Lalo could only see one example of Cursed Time (from Adam to Noah’s flood), I found six with the revised chronological table. Hence, I was able to take his revelation much farther than he had taken it.

At any rate, April 9, 1983 was the end of the 76-day cycle in which old things passed away and all things were made new. I was a different person after that, having died to the old life and having been raised to newness of life. My life was changed forever, though I still had many years of training ahead of me before the Father would entrust me with the responsibility of this ministry. As I said earlier, it was a 12-year training period from 1981-1993.

Once this new ministry began, I began to see that each year there were 2 cycles of 76 days leading to Passover, the first feast day. I noticed that each year God seemed to have a main goal to accomplish in the march toward the Kingdom. I called this the Prophetic Year, because it always culminated on the 8th day of Tabernacles. After that final feast, we always had a short interim before some event triggered the start of the next Prophetic Year—usually some event in the first two weeks of November. Then we began counting two 76-day cycles of cleansing.

Most recently, the US elections on November 8 began the first 76-day countdown, ending on January 23, 2017. The second cycle ends on April 9. It is interesting that this 76-day cycle falls on the same dates as in 1983. That does not often happen.

My personal experience in 1983 resulted in a reverse of the curse, and coming into Blessed Time on April 9, 1983. However, this is not the full picture. Just because I travelled thousands of miles to reconcile with my accusers, did not mean that THEY were willing to reconcile with ME. One pastor in particular continued to revile me, not to my face, but after I left town. It seems that my attempt at reconciliation only stirred up the anger and resentment in his heart.

However, I did all that the Holy Spirit had instructed me to do in the best way that I could. I came with apologies and no accusations, so my conscience was clear, and I was free to begin a new life. Tragically, he died soon afterward on a Cursed Time cycle. I will say no more about that, but this much needs to be said, because of its parallel implications for this year.

The Notice to Babylon Leaders

April 9 is a time to give notice to the beast rulers of Babylon in accordance with the laws of war in Deuteronomy 20:10,

10 When you approach a city to fight against it, you shall offer it terms of peace.

Because God is merciful and gracious, He does not allow sneak attacks, either in war or in the divine court. God is interested in repentance and reconciliation, not death and destruction. For this reason, He gives men time to repent. Even after decreeing a sentence of death, He is gracious enough to give men time to repent. That is the purpose of Cursed Time. He gives people 414 days (or even a multiple of 414) to repent, and if they do, the judgment is cancelled, and the man enters a 76-day cycle of cleansing toward Blessed Time.

In the case of nations, the biblical cycle is 414 YEARS (or a multiple), followed by 76 YEARS of cleansing. An example of this is seen when the Edict of Cyrus of Persia was issued in 534 B.C., giving the Jews the right to return and rebuild their old land and to rebuild the temple. The nation had been “dead” for 70 years, and when Judah was “resurrected,” their new Jubilee calendar could not begin until 76 years of cleansing had been completed in 458 B.C.

Then King Artaxerxes of Persia issued a second decree to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and this is the decree that jump-started Daniel’s 70 weeks (490 years). The nation then reached Blessed Time after 76 years of cleansing from death.

We are now coming toward the end of our very long captivity to the beast systems. Hence, we are being called to give notice to the “beast” that his allotted time is almost finished. It is time to prepare to release the captives, and if he does not, then God Himself will be our Redeemer (Jeremiah 50:33, 34). We know that the Babylonian rulers will not repent, because God has hardened their hearts (as with Pharaoh), so that the wealth and power that they have accumulated on the backs of their slaves will be transferred to God’s treasury.

April 9, 2017 is the time when we are called to give notice to Babylon, so that they will be without excuse when God overthrows them—perhaps with some level of violence.

In the past two years we have been seeing the prominence of the number 76 in our conferences, as if to suggest that we should cleanse our hearts in preparation for coming into Blessed Time as the Kingdom comes in. Since we are now in the 70th year since this final phase began in November of 1947, this transition might take another 6-7 years to accomplish. That is a very early view, of course, and we can only observe what God does.

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