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April 19, The final verdict of the prayer campaign (updated)

Apr 29, 2017

In regard to the prayer campaign that we held on April 9, 2017, we received the final answer from the throne room on April 19, as I had suspected. I mentioned this date here:


“And now we are again coming to a Day of Destiny, April 9, 2017, where, if I am reading this correctly, Esau-Edom is about to be disqualified in the divine court. The court case falls on April 9, and ten days later, April 19, the verdict will be rendered. My guess is that on April 19 we will see some sort of sign in the world to confirm the verdict (as we did in 1985).”

This is from the sixth weblog giving background to “Let My People Go” prayer campaign. As you may recall, we issued an ultimatum against Pharaoh, using the words of Moses: “Let My people go.”


In this case Pharaoh is Mystery Babylon, which was taken over by Esau-Edom in 1948, even as Esau killed Nimrod and took the garments given originally to Adam. I wrote about this is my fifth “Background” report here:


According to the book of Jasher, those garments represented the divine right to rule. Ham and Canaan had stolen them from Noah, and later they had passed them down to Cush and then to Nimrod.


The point is that Esau-Edom (on behalf of Mystery Babylon or “Pharaoh”) is now in non-compliance with the divine directive to “Let My people go,” as I reported here:


Because of this non-compliance, we were led the next day (Passover, Nisan 14, April 10) to appeal to God to “break the yoke.” Scripture uses the term “yoke” to mean submitting to authority. So we were asking God to redeem us and thereby place us under His authority, even as we see in the example of Israel under Moses. God redeemed Israel from the house of bondage (Egypt), and by the law of redemption, this means ownership of Israel was transferred from Egypt to God Himself (Leviticus 25:53).

However, this divine court action still did not address the date of April 19, which I had mentioned two weeks earlier. I did not know what God would do until the time came.

The Birthright Staff

We were out of town from April 18-24, having traveled to Arkansas to attend our oldest granddaughter’s wedding in Jonesboro, AR that was scheduled for April 22. On the way, we visited James and Bobbie, who are long-time friends living near Batesville. We had known and worked closely with them during the 1980’s when we lived in that area. In fact, I performed their wedding ceremony on November 13, 1985.

Unknown to us, James and Bobbie had been led to have a staff specially made for us, which they gave to us on April 19. A staff, of course, represents authority. This staff is carved with leaves (ivy) for the healing of the nations (Revelation 22:2). It also has Romans 5:8 carved upon it:

8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

This love is the basis of the salvation of all men in the rest of the chapter, as well as the healing of the nations in Revelation 22:2.

So what does it all mean? It tells me first that Esau’s time to prove his worthiness to hold the Birthright has ended (1947/48-2017). The Birthright is the Fruitfulness Mandate, and Esau has not rendered to God the fruits of the Spirit that God requires of a Birthright holder. Therefore, the Birthright has been taken from Esau and has been given to the Saints of the Most High.

The staff has leaves, but it also bears fruit, because “the fruit of the Spirit is Love…” (Galatians 5:22). The Israeli state is not only a manifestation of Esau-Edom, but also the fruitless fig tree that Jesus cursed in Matthew 21:19 as an act of spiritual warfare. It came back to life in 1948 and produced more leaves, as Jesus prophesied in Matthew 24:32, but it could never bring forth FRUIT.

So God did indeed answer on April 19 in an unexpected way. I know better than to treat this as a personal matter, for in this case I am only representing the body at large. Signs are given to individuals in order to reveal what God is doing on a much larger level. Those who receive such revelation are called to testify, so that others may know their calling. So I interpret this as a formal transfer of the Birthright from the usurpers to those who are truly called to receive it—the true sons of Joseph, that is, Ephraim, whose name means “double fruitfulness.”

Whereas the physical children of Ephraim long ago fell into idolatry at Bethel, as Hosea clearly shows us, we are begotten by the Spirit and by the gospel of truth. We will use the authority of the Birthright to bear fruit to God and not repeat the same mistake as the children of the flesh who were first given the opportunity to bear fruit.

The next date to watch in regard to this particular theme is June 2-3, 2017, which brings us to Pentecost, June 4. Again, I do not know how this will play out, nor can I explain this date further at this time.

It’s Time

Perhaps the large gathering in Bloemfontein, South Africa, on April 22 is a further manifestation of the revelation we have received. Since the wedding of our granddaughter took place on April 22, at the same time that two million people gathered in Bloemfontein, there may be a connection.


The final countdown has begun for what is believed to be the biggest prayer gathering that South Africa has ever seen.

The “It’s Time” prayer gathering by Evangelist Angus Buchan on the Wilde Als farm just outside Bloemfontein will start tomorrow at 12:00….

Here is a 6-minute You-Tube video of the gathering:


Someone also sent me this report, though he did not provide the link, and I cannot find it. But note the references to the Bride and the wedding…

Throughout the worship, I kept seeing a giant lion standing upon the little hill behind the stage. His legs were as tall as the huge speakers on each side of the stage and He gazed back and forth over the crowd of His people assembled as far as the eye could see. Then suddenly He roared and flames poured out of His mouth and rushed over the people, right to the back edges of those gathered. I knew His fiery jealous love was claiming each soul kneeling before Him as exclusively His own –  wedded to Him….

The sound that resounded and rolled over South Africa that day from the mouth of His consecrated ones is sweet music to the Bridegroom’s ears. His Bride wants Him alone; His Word alone, His face alone. This sound says, “I am Yours, my Love. You are the chief among ten thousand to me.” And the power of that sound released at the golden altar of incense sets in motion His righteous judgments in the nation and the continent. A harvest of harvesters has been accomplished….

Bloemfontein was originally the seat of the Judiciary in our nation and is the home of two army bases. From the seat of the Judiciary, decrees are issued and then executed. That day, the kings and priests of the Lamb issued decrees in a violent earth- shattering roar, “Amen ~ Let it be so!” as the leader of the prayer meeting decreed wave upon wave of royal judgments, “We say NO to immorality!... We say No to pornography.... We say NO to corruption in government...” and on and on, the decrees rolled, a concussion of sound peeling off the layers of demonic strategy veiling the nation and the continent. The angelic armies surrounding this field containing the vast Bridal Company have come to co-labour with the army of God in this nation in bringing in the harvest for His glory. Millions of voices releasing one sound in unity, “Let your will be done – in us, in our nation, in our continent. Let your kingdom come. Let it be as You have written”. Fire has been cast upon the earth, thunders and voices have been set in motion. The Lion has roared, who will not tremble!? (Amos 3:8)....
In the week preceding this milestone prayer meeting, a prophetic sign unfolded. A man arrived with drilling equipment and asked if there was enough water on the farm. He was told that water had never been found in the area, but they gave him permission to drill. He hit an incredibly strong underground aquifer and proceeded to drill four boreholes on this farm. Beloved, a fountain has been opened for uncleanness for the house of David and there will be rivers in the desert, cleansing and washing – and everywhere this river flows, everything will live! All hiding places of the realm of darkness will be overwhelmed by this release and swept away….

The Word tells us, “Out of Egypt (Africa), I have called My Son.”(Hosea 11:1; Matt 2:15) The continent of Africa has a prophetic destiny in releasing the manchild. And the roar of the Lion of Judah calling His Bride to come out to Him triggers the process.

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