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Very enlightening interview with Clif High

Mar 07, 2017

Clif High was a high-level contractor for Microsoft who was sent around the world to resolve software problems. He has a program where he mines the internet for key words and “emotion” that can be used to predict coming events as far as five years from now with about 80% accuracy.

This is a 43-minute interview with him that Greg Hunger did a few days ago, talking about the Trump phenomena, Bitcoin, silver and gold, new technologies, and some economic chaos that is due to begin in mid-March and extend through May. What he calls the "Deep State" is nearly synonymous with what we call Mystery Babylon.

I have listened to Clif High for about 5 months now, and I find his “data” to be very interesting and quite astounding. One thing he says is that the data indicates that the price of silver will soon hit $600/oz before increasing to $1000/oz within the next two years, partly due to new technologies that will improve its efficiency in industry.

The interview is well worth listening to.


Keep in mind that March 15 is when the US debt ceiling becomes frozen. This was done by agreement in October 2015 between John Boener and Barack Obama. March 15 is The Ides of March, and it is also the date that the Federal Reserve Board meets to raise interest rates.

Also keep in mind that every year March 18 is a watch date.

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