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Eagle One to Wanta

Mar 18, 2017

A new movie, Eagle One to Wanta does not appear to have been released in 2016 as scheduled. It is the story of Ambassador Lee Wanta, who served under President Reagan. His assignment was to bring down the Soviet Union and to replace it with the Russian Federation.

His assignment was to cause the Soviet Union to go bankrupt. In 1989 he was authorized to pay President Gorbachev $10 billion to resign, so that the Russian Federation could be established.

Here is a ten-minute trailer for the movie. It is very revealing.


Here is a printed article telling more details.


The Wikipedia has censored him and has no article about him, even though he was certainly a key figure in the Reagan administration. This is part of the disinformation campaign against him, and it my guess is that it is probably the reason why the movie never hit the theaters—at least, not to my knowledge.

Consider the fact that today we have a similar situation in America. The corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is being replaced by The Republic of the United States of America. The difference is that there is much more resistance to this replacement. However, the current form of government is bankrupt, and this seems to be a prerequisite to its replacement.

The election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton is a key element in this power struggle between the old Babylonian monopolies and the new government that is replacing it.

Of course, we understand that this is only a transition toward something greater, which we know as the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom cannot be established without a major outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom cannot be established without first gaining the hearts of the majority of the people.

Cleansing the heartland of America is the theme of our conference in May. It is based on the prophecy of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Exodus 12:15). We must remove the leaven from our house in order to keep the feast.

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