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CIA hacking exposed by Wikileaks

Mar 10, 2017

Earlier this week, Wikileaks published close to 9,000 CIA emails and information showing how the CIA has been hacking US corporations and foreign governments. It is called Vault 7. They are able to hack virtually every cellphone in America.  The CIA also uses something called UMBRAGE, which allows them to leave a trail that makes it look like the hacking was done by Russia.


Needless to say, this is a huge embarrassment to the CIA and a severe blow to those who have tried to blame Russia for hacking—supposedly to help President Trump win the last election.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is now helping US corporations defend itself against the CIA’s cyberweapons arsenal. That has to drive the Babylonians crazy.


Dr. Steve Pieczenik says that these exposures will continue as long as the “Deep State” (CIA) refuses to back down from its war on Donald Trump. Each exposure will be worse than the last. He says that most of the rank-and-file personnel of the CIA are good patriotic men and women, but that the leaders who have been put into place by the presidents are the problem. They are in positions to use the CIA for the “Deep State” agenda that actually works against the people and against the Republic.

Now that the CIA is under new leadership under Trump, things are changing, but there are still a lot of lower-level officials who refuse to abandon their seditious practices. A big part of this is that they use the pedophile files on government and military officials to blackmail them into working with them in trying to overthrow President Trump.

The war is on, as Trump drains the swamp. One of these days, those college kids are going to figure out that the Babylonians they have been supporting are their real enemies.

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