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A divine extension granted

Mar 27, 2017

In my last update, I wrote about the watch date of March 18.


I mentioned again my 1986 dream in which I told a bank teller to repeat what she had said, because “I want to remember it when I wake up.”

Well, this is the Chinese Year of the Rooster. This is an indicator that it is time for me to wake up in this regard. There was indeed a hidden issue that needed resolution, and this was resolved later afternoon yesterday, March 26, local time, or early March 27 in New Zealand and Australia.

Friends from out of state came to see me yesterday, carrying with them a revelation about March 18 and how a particular issue needed to be resolved. God gave a 10-day extension to March 28 for this to be resolved, and so it was. Because the issue involves some negative issues about other people, I do not feel led to reveal it in public. Nonetheless, those of you who need to track the times and seasons need to know about this 10-day extension.

This, I believe, is another case where the Hezekiah Factor is being applied, where March 28 on our calendar is March 18 on God’s calendar. God is again turning the clock back ten steps on His sundial, so that we can do things late, but on time, as He did in 2 Kings 20:11.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to see what might occur then. We may see something definite, or it may be that this is a door opener for a later event.

Meanwhile, the death of David Rockefeller on March 20 seems to be related to this. His death occurred on the Spring Equinox, a holy day in witchcraft. He was 101 years old and was the youngest grandchild of the original John D. Rockefeller. Both John and his grandson, David, were leading figures behind the scenes in the Babylonian government in the past century. David’s death seems to be a sign of the coming fall of Babylon, which should be visible by the end of 2017.


I have been getting an increased foreboding that the great earthquake in Revelation 16:18 will be physical as well as economic and political. Physical, or natural, signs often come before the spiritual events take place. In this case, if a great earthquake were to occur somewhere in America, it would certainly have political and economic consequences, simply because it could be the most expensive natural disaster in history.

For many years scientists have been warning of danger along the Cascadia Faultline along the coast of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. The fault runs 700 miles along the border of the North American plate. Large quakes of 8.7 to 9.2 Richter intensity have occurred regularly an average of 240 years apart. The last major quake along this Faultline occurred January 26, 1700. We know this because the resulting tsunami was recorded in Japan on that date. We are now in the 318th year since that last quake.

It would not hurt to take a moment and learn something about this, so that WHEN it happens, you will not be taken by surprise.


I used to think that the most likely place for this quake to occur would be along the New Madrid fault along the Mississippi River. However, the recent fracking in the oil fields appears to have caused many minor tremors that have relieved the pressure on this fault. So it is more likely that the Pacific Northwest is the candidate for the sign of Babylon’s fall this year. Anyone living along the coast should pray about this and take whatever measures are feasible as led.

Keep in mind that this would involve a near 9.0 Richter quake which, according to scientists, would last a full five minutes. This would be followed 15-30 minutes later by a 30-foot tsunami that would hit the entire coastline and all inlets and rivers flowing into the ocean. This has happened many times in the past, and we are overdue for another event. Such natural disruptions could also trigger volcanic activity, which could cause further devastation.

I am not saying for sure that this will happen soon, but I think everyone ought to be educated about it and take precautionary steps. If you live along the danger zone, have a plan, knowing that with bridges and roads wiped out, the government will not be able to help much. Remember Hurricane Katrina and how the government was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. A quake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone would be many times worse than Katrina—enough to bring down the entire economic and political order, as the government’s debt ceiling would cease to exist.

IF such a disaster were to occur, there are certain times to watch from a prophetic standpoint. There was a quake at Passover when Jesus died, and an aftershock the morning of His resurrection. Passover this year is April 10/11, and the wave sheaf offering is Sunday, April 16.

There are, of course, two Passovers every year (Numbers 9:9-11). The second Passover this year is May 10/11, and the wave-sheaf offering is Sunday, May 14, the last day of our conference.

But there are also indications to watch the month of August. I do not have any definite word on IF or WHEN. Neither do I want to cause any panic or fear. The government certainly does not want to cause panic, so they say little or nothing. Hopefully, our readers will be led by the Spirit and walk by faith, rather than by fear.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones