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Storm named Lucifer hits California

Feb 20, 2017

Last Friday and Saturday, a storm that the weather service named Lucifer hit southern California, dumping 3-4 inches of rain in 24 hours and causing flash floods. Here is the weather report.


Each year the storms are named from A-Z by popular consent. This year Lucifer received the most votes for the “L” storm. It seems to me that this had to be pre-planned. Either the weather service pretended that Lucifer was the most popular vote, or (more likely) the word was spread among witches and Satanists to send in their votes for Lucifer.

At any rate, this storm Lucifer has spiritual origins and connotations. About thirty years ago, we discerned that there were three gates on the West Coast: Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego. San Francisco was called the Sheep Gate. I have to try to find the original revelation of these gates, because I no longer remember all that we learned back in those days. I do remember, however, that the spiritual purpose of the gate at San Diego was Healing. We called it “the Gate of Healing.”

As I wrote in the first chapter of my book, The Wars of the Lord, in 1981-1982 we engaged in spiritual warfare to close the breach at the Sheep Gate (San Francisco). This work was successful, but the problem was that the demonic, spiritual forces had already invaded the country, so it took many years to deal with that problem. We are still seeing the effects of it today. In July 2000 eight of us walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to inspect the gate. We found that it was complete and secure.

However, in 1986 a new portal was opened in Anoka, Minnesota, which soon became the Halloween Capital of the World, a title given to them by the US Congress. They had to compete with Salem, Massachusetts for the title. Ten years later, in 1996 God brought us to Minneapolis, where we were led to buy a house next door to Anoka.

In December 2016 I began meeting with a group that meets weekly to deal with the demonic takeover of Anoka. The project revealed to them is called The Nehemiah Project. They were led to take back the gates, one per month, beginning in late December 2016. I saw this as an extension of the original work that began in 1981, so I felt led to join with them and to share what I understood about the history of this work.

We are now seeing a breach in the Healing Gate at San Diego. It is somewhat comparable to the breach in the Sheep Gate in 1981. It did not begin with Storm Lucifer. The storm merely identified the problem a year after it had started. It actually began February 18, 2016 when the Dalai Lama came to the Twin Cities and performed a shen yun at the Orpheum Theater on February 19, 2016, opening a demonic portal.

Mike Davis, one of our friends here, declared this portal to be a violation of the law, and he stood against the Dalai Lama. He was immediately struck down with a brain tumor and spent the better part of the year fighting for his life. Nonetheless, he overcame in the end with a combination of prayer and treatment and is now doing well.

It is now clear that the Dalai Lama opened up the portal at the Healing Gate in San Diego, no doubt with much cheering from many in California. Hence, this past year we have had numerous problems with sickness. Mark Iversen is apparently a casualty of war in that sense, for although he did everything right, his body did not respond to treatment. He passed from our midst on the night of February 16, 2017, as Storm Lucifer was approaching San Diego.

So it seems that we have two results of this spiritual problem. Mike was called to overcome the problem; Mark was called to reveal the problem. Both, however, were in the divine plan, though it was difficult for us to understand what God was doing in this until it was completed.

The name Diego is Spanish for James. If you look up the name James in a concordance, it is Iakobos, the Grecianized form of Iakob, or Jacob. It is no coincidence that the book of James contains a passage about healing (James 5:13-16). “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church…” Both Mike and Mark did so. We struggled with the fact that Mark was not being healed, nor was his body responding in any way, in spite of much prayer. But now the understanding is beginning to come, revealed to us by Storm Lucifer.

Yesterday I talked to David on the telephone. He is from the Sacramento area, and though he lives on a hill, he is surrounded by a flood zone. If the Oroville Dam should break, he would be safe, but the roads would probably suffer a lot of damage. He and the Sacramento intercessors gathered yesterday and prayed that God would put His hand upon the Oroville Dam and keep it from breaking.

They also recognized that part of the problem was that San Diego was St. Jacob, so they changed the name to St. Israel. The place needed a spiritual name change from a deceiver/supplanter to an overcomer who recognizes the sovereignty of God (“God Rules”). As Jacob, he had been carnal, thinking that God needed him to lie and deceive in order to fulfill His prophetic word. As Israel, he was humbled when he recognized that he had been fighting God all of his life without realizing it. When he realized that God did not need his carnal help, he rested and just put his faith in God. No longer did his faith rest in himself, but in God alone.

We will continue to monitor this, and no doubt we will get more understanding later. But for now, I am confident that the Oroville Dam will not break, although the threat is very real. For the moment, we have done all that needs to be done about the Dam and also for the Healing Gate at the city of St. Israel. It took a year to see and understand the problem, but once it was revealed by Storm Lucifer, it took only a day to take back the Gate and to seal it up.

Even so, one thing is yet unclear. The dark forces have had a year in which to come through the breach at San Diego. When this happened at the Sheep Gate in 1981, we spent many years in spiritual warfare dealing with the demonic forces that had invaded this country. I am not sure how long it will take to deal with the current problem, but times have changed, and I do not think it will take long at all.

Back in 1981, the overcomers were still living under the rule of King Saul, who “died” May 30, 1993 on the 40th Jubilee of the church (since 33 A.D.). I remember those days, where we were limited by “church decision.” In other words, David’s effectiveness in fighting Saul’s battles for him was limited by the fact that David was not yet king. David won all of his battles, but he could never win the war, because Saul was still in authority.

But this began to change in 1993, when prophetic Saul died, and David was given partial authority for 7½ years. On November 30, 2000 David (the overcomers) received the full authority, as it were, “over all Israel and Judah” (2 Samuel 5:5). The Saul church challenged the overcomers’ authority two months later on January 29, 2001, but God confirmed His will within a few weeks.

Everything that has been done since that time has been easier, because the outcome of spiritual warfare no longer depends upon “church decision.” Saul is dead, and the transition of spiritual authority to the Davidic company is now complete. For this reason, our victory in the present conflict over the Gate of Healing and the Oroville Dam seems assured, unless there is more that we do not yet understand.

I will keep you informed as we learn more or as events unfold. Meanwhile, remain in prayer mode and stand firm as you occupy the gates around spiritual America.

By the way, it is my hope that by writing of these things, overcomers from other nations will be raised up to defend their own countries in similar ways. All nations face dark forces, but in most cases there are too few intercessors and overcomers to deal with their national defense. What we do in America is only one example of what might be done world-wide.

But someone must have the anointing to take the initiative. I know of such people that God is raising up in various other countries, such as Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Nigeria, and The Netherlands. We are currently making plans to do a work in Cambodia as well, which will spread to the entire area (Viet Nam, Laos, Thailand). A key contact from Cambodia lives here in Minneapolis. He survived “the killing fields” in the 1970’s. (See the movie by that name.) He is part of the royal family and has the authority to build the Kingdom of God in Cambodia. Two of us are planning tentatively to go with him to Cambodia this summer to lay foundations for the Kingdom.

The work of the Kingdom is continuing, and we are doing our part to the best of our ability. As more prayer warriors join with us in the work, and are able to pray with greater understanding, we are able to do our part in this. So please continue to support us in prayer, for that is what empowers us to do what we are called to do.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones