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Parallels between 1986 and 2017

Feb 15, 2017

This past week I have been noticing parallels between now and 1986, as if we are repeating a pattern.

I began seeing this through a local situation in Anoka, Minnesota, which is the Halloween Capital of the World. We are doing a prayer work there, repairing the spiritual gates, beginning with the Sheep Gate in late December 2016.

Taking the Sheep Gate (in Anoka) last December has a little background. It really goes back as early as 1981, when the prayer battle occurred, the one I wrote about in the first chapter of my book, The Wars of the Lord. The demonic army was coming into America through the unmanned Sheep Gate in San Francisco, and we were called to stop the influx and to repair the gate.

As a result of this, the opposing forces regrouped and, unknown to us, opened up a new gate (or portal) here in Anoka. This was in June 1986. Ten years later, on June 30, 1996, we were given a word from the Lord to move to Minneapolis. We moved in early August of that year to a place near Anoka.

Now we are called to deal with this ongoing problem in 2017, along with repairing all of the gates around the New Jerusalem according to the Nehemiah pattern. After the Sheep Gate in late December, we did the same with the Fish Gate in late January, focusing upon the idea of death and resurrection, Nineveh (“Fish City”), and the story of Jonah’s world evangelism.

Now in February we are dealing with the Old Gate (Nehemiah 3:6), having to do with the death of the old man (flesh), restoring the old paths (Jeremiah 6:16), building and restoring the old broken down places, repairing the breach, and restoring the old paths (Isaiah 58:12).

In this process, we are now seeing parallels beginning February 9, 1986 and probably extending as far as February 23. In looking through my records for that time period, I noticed that on February 17, 1986 I mentioned record flooding in California, record rains, mud slides, which soon became the “worst in California history.” Damage estimates on February 24, 1986 was about $315 million.

So now we are seeing a parallel to 1986, with the record rainfall in California and the Oroville Dam which is in danger of collapse. This dam is the tallest in America. Years ago, during the drought, California allocated $100 million to fix the dam, but nothing was done about it. After all, there was a drought, and the money was better spent elsewhere, they thought. But it seems to me that a time of drought is the best time to prepare for the future and the easiest time to fix an unstable dam. Now they are in a crisis and have to react in crisis mode.

A complete collapse would flood Sacramento with about 26 feet of water, and most of the people in California’s capital could die in the flood. Sacramento is not far from San Francisco, where the old Sheep Gate was located. A few days ago, 188,000 people were ordered to evacuate the area, but now (they say) the problem has been fixed, and the rain that is coming in the next week will not be a problem.


I hope they are right. I would not stake my life on anything the government has to say. If possible, it would be prudent to leave town for the next week. Or visit someone living on a hill, if they have some stored food and a water filter that needs no electricity.

Right now, we are still monitoring the situation to see how 1986 relates to 2017. Just because the same situations repeat does not mean that the results will be the same. After all, the battlegrounds shift, and we have had 31 years to make progress on the battlefield. But the danger is obvious.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones