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King of Babylon charged with treason (updated)

Feb 22, 2017

For many years, I have believed that Nouri al-Maliki, former prime minister of Iraq, was a type of the king of Babylon and that his downfall would be an indicator of the overthrow of Babylon.

He lost his position as prime minister a few years ago, but that was only the start. Now the new prime minister says he will be charged with treason.


BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq  , Prime Minister of Iraq , Haider al – Abadi said on Tuesday that so far did not understand why gave Nuri al – Maliki ” the withdrawal is” to army troops in Mosul on 06/09/2014 specifically for the three divisions of the Iraqi army to withdraw from Mosul, leaving their weapons and tanks for Daesh and to come to Baghdad .

Ebadi said in a press statement today: Nuri al – Maliki has committed treason on this withdrawal, which make the Iraqi army loses its entirety by giving orders to withdraw three teams from the Iraqi army was up more than 60 thousand troops and leave the vehicles and tanks and armored vehicles and guns with ammunition to come Daesh and seize the province of Nineveh the province of Mosul and the whole weapons of the three military teams and that more than $ 12 billion Dolar.ookd Abadi that the fall of Mosul, however Daesh by Maliki ordered the withdrawal of army troops and the resulting displacement and killing, displacement and wasting more than $ 300 billion due to the fall of the provinces of Mosul, Anbar, Salah religion bears responsibility Nuri al – Maliki and leaders at the time will soon eliminate al – Maliki to charges of “high treason “.


Thank you for reporting on this, Stephen!  I was watching this date of Tuesday, Feb. 21st this year because it was 1,335 days from the date that the sanctions against Iraq were lifted (06/27/13).

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones