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Evidence of Zaphnath (Joseph) in America

Feb 17, 2017

In my second novel, Through Timeless Mountains, I featured the Zaphnath tribe and mentioned also that it originated in the Grand Canyon. This is just a novel, of course, but there is evidence in the Smithsonian Institute that Joseph (Zaphnath) actually came to America.


A couple of the Egyptian kingdoms in the United States Joseph established, according to evidence found by archaeologists, were located in the Grand Canyon, as well as Burrows Cave in Illinois….

Interestingly, the Hopi Indians (above), who lived on the North Kiabab Rim of the Grand Canyon where the Egyptian Pyramids are located, knew the names of the Egyptian Pyramid Temple that is located under the North Kiabab Rim of the Grand Canyon. They have a god named Taawa, who they say has a man’s face that smiles all of the time and has a good heart. The Hopi Indians still use a large number of original Egyptian words in their Language.  Did they live alongside the ancient Egyptians in the Grand Canyon, or might they be descendants of the ancient Egyptians?

An artifact from Burrows Cave in Illinois is a near-perfect picture of Zaphnath. The article shows the picture and says this about it:

The above artifact was taken from Burrows Cave in Illinois by Russell Burrows, and is the best preserved artifact for the exact facial structure of King Zaphnath (Joseph) of Egypt that has ever been discovered!  

 At age 36. King Zaphnath-Paaneah of Egypt recorded that he discovered another place for Egyptians to live, since Egypt had become over populated. 

See also https://sites.google.com/site/ancientegyptiansinamerica/ancient-egyptians-burrows-cave

Steve Quayle has done quite a bit of research about this. You may be interested in reading some of these things and seeing some of the pictures. At any rate, this is where I got the ideas for my novel. A history book would need more investigation and proof, but in a novel, it provides an interesting setting, and I can use my imagination without restriction.

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